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How To Apply For Canada Visa From Dubai: Easy Guide

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Canada Tourist Visa From Dubai

Are you a UAE resident interested in living, working, or studying in Canada? Then, there’s no doubt that Canada is a great place to move. It is really a good place to live because there are lots of jobs and good schools. Almost over 10,000 people applied for a Canadian visa from Dubai last year alone. 

Managing the Canadian visa process can be confusing because there are over 60 immigration pathways. This article will explain how to apply for a Canadian visa from start to finish. Follow these steps and maximize your chances of getting a Canada visa from Dubai.

Decide The Type of Canada Visa You Need:

With so many Canadian visa categories, choosing the right option as per your goals is key. As a Dubai resident, here are the main types of Canadian visas you can apply for:

Tourist Visa: For vacations lasting less than 6 months

Work Visa: For temporary skilled, semi-skilled, or trade jobs

Study Permit: For Pursuing Education in Canada

Permanent Residency: For Living and Working

Of these, the tourist visa is the easiest to get, while permanent residency is more complex with its own eligibility criteria. Review all categories and decide which aligns best with your needs before beginning the application process.

Now the next step is!

Gather All The Required Documents:

Once you determine the ideal Canadian visa category for you, whether it’s a study permit or a Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai, you must prepare your file. Many Canadian visa rejections in Dubai happen due to application errors or missing documents. It’s crucial to check the document checklist and eligibility criteria for your chosen visa class. 


Common documents needed include a valid UAE Passport and Residency Visa Copy, Proof of Funds or Income Records, and Bank Statements showing the least balance. Any relevant medical certificates and, for a study permit, a Letter of Acceptance from School are also necessary. Additionally, gather the needed forms, such as the generic application form, document checklist, family information form, if applicable, and client information record. Prepare all files as per IRCC’s specifications to avoid delays

Submit Your Biometrics Appointment:

To get a Canada visa from Dubai, you need to provide your fingerprints and photo.

Once you submit your visa application and fee payment online, you can book a biometrics appointment. This is done at the Canada Visa Application Centre in Dubai and takes 10–15 minutes to complete.

Please keep the biometric information sheet. It will tell you what to do after your fingerprints and photo are taken. Failing to provide biometrics on time can impact the result of your Canadian visa application.

Tourist Visa From Dubai:

Patience is key when waiting for application processing. Once you apply for a Canada visa in Dubai, including understanding the Canada visit visa fee from Dubai, the most difficult part is waiting for it to be processed. But having patience is key. The time it takes to process Canadian visas from the UAE depends on the visa stream you applied under. 


Some tourist or work visa applications may get processed within 2 months. But other complex visas, like the permanent resident visa, can take up to a year for approval. Check current IRCC processing times online to set realistic expectations. While you wait, make sure your passport is valid for the whole time. Keep checking the online portal for updates. Reach out to IRCC if your application has breached normal processing timelines.

Prove Eligibility Upon Arrival:

Once you get your Canadian visa approval letter from the Dubai VAC, it’s time to plan your trip.

But your journey is still not over! Immigration officials in Canada will assess if you can enter based on your visa.

Be prepared to convince officers why you deserve entry to Canada. When you come, bring the necessary documents, explain your purpose, and follow visa regulations.


Applying for a Canada visa from Dubai, such as the Canada work visa from Dubai, is very rewarding but can be confusing. With so many visa types available, the first step is reviewing all options to pick the one matching your plans to live, work, or study in Canada. Then, prepare your application forms and documents to avoid mistakes. Don’t forget key items like passport, medical checks, university acceptance letters if studying, etc.

Stay calm while your application is reviewed, which can take months for permanent resident visas. Finally, when approved, you can make plans to travel to Canada. Remember to follow all visa rules and bring important papers to show airport staff when you land. Moving to amazing Canada is worth the long process. If you follow all steps , your application has a very high chance of success. Start your life-changing Canadian adventure from Dubai today!

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