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How To Apply For Umrah Visa From Dubai What You Should Know

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The Umrah is a smaller pilgrimage (Journey) that Muslims can choose to do any time of the year, except when the Hajj is happening. It’s not required, but it’s something Muslims do if they are healthy and have enough money. Muslims go on Umrah to ask God to forgive them, feel closer to God, and connect with their faith more deeply. That’s also a chance to see where Islam began and visit the holiest city in Islam.

If a Muslim wants to go on this pilgrimage, they need to get a Saudi Umrah visa from Dubai before they can enter Saudi Arabia. For those living in Dubai or the UAE and planning to go to Makkah for Umrah, they need to apply for this visa first.

Let’s discuss how a muslim person can make it happen!

Do I Need a Visa To Perform Umrah?

Whether you need a visa to perform Umrah from Dubai depends on where you’re from. People from some countries living in Dubai might have to get a visa before they go, while others might get one when they arrive. It’s essential to check the specific umrah visa requirements from Dubai based on your nationality.

Recently, Saudi Arabia made some changes to the Umrah visa. Now, you can stay up to 90 days instead of just 30. You can also enter and leave Saudi Arabia through any port, whether it’s by land, air, or sea.

What’s interesting is that Saudi Arabia now lets people do Umrah with different types of visas, not just the Umrah visa. This includes tourist visas, transit visas, and even a special 4-day visa.

UAE Nationals:

If you’re from the UAE, good news! You don’t need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah. Just make sure to book everything you need for Umrah, like a place to stay and transportation, through the Nusuk app.

Dubai Residents:

If you live in Dubai but aren’t from a GCC country, you might still get a visa when you arrive, especially if you already have a visa from the US, UK, or Schengen area.

For those who don’t fit into this group, here are your options:

Visa through package: You can get an Umrah visa by booking a package online through approved services or travel agencies.

Applying for a eVisa: Some people living in GCC countries with certain jobs can get an electronic visa. Check if your job is on the list.

Also, if you’re not from a GCC country, you can do Umrah with these visas:

Saudi transit visa: If you’re just passing through Saudi Arabia for up to 96 hours, you can apply for this visa. Ask your airline, travel agency, or a visa agent in the UAE about it.

The free 4-day visa: If you’re flying with Saudi or Flynas and stopping in Saudi Arabia, you might get this visa.

Umrah Visa From Dubai Online:

Here are the requirements you need to pass:

  • To get an Umrah e-visa, you’ll need:
  • A filled-out Umrah visa application form online.
  • A valid passport.
  • A recent passport photo.
  • A valid email address.
  • A debit or credit card.

Application Process: How To Apply

Here’s how to apply:

Visit the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Maqam portal and pick an approved Umrah company.

Get your Umrah package, then go to the MOFA portal to make an account. Activate it with the link sent to your email.

Once your account is active, put in all the info needed, like visa type, personal details, and your photo.

After you provide all the information, you’ll get a confirmation email. All updates about your Umrah visa will be sent to this email.

You can also apply through the Nusuk app.

Umrah Visa From Dubai Cost:

The Umrah visa itself is free, but there might be other costs like processing fees. These could be between USD 200 to 300 (AED 734 to AED 1,101).

Approved Travel Agencies:

The Saudi Arabian government suggests getting help from an approved travel agent in the UAE for your Umrah visa. Also, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah says you can now plan your Umrah trip online through approved platforms.


In summary, getting an Umrah visa from Dubai is a straightforward process, tailored to different nationalities and circumstances. Whether you’re a UAE national or a resident, understanding your visa options, including the Umrah visa fees from UAE, and requirements is key. With the recent updates, including the extended stay duration and the flexibility of using various types of visas for Umrah, the journey has become more accessible and convenient. 

Remember to check your eligibility, gather the necessary documents, and follow the application steps carefully. By doing this, you can make sure that your important and holy trip to Makkah goes smoothly, which will help you grow closer to your faith.

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