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How To Ask For Real Estate Reviews: What You Need To Know

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Everyone knows that trust is built through online reviews, which is especially important when buying or selling homes online. Others can see that you’re good at what you do. Without these reviews, it’s tough to be better than other real estate agents and to have a good career in this field.

Today, we’ll talk about the best ways to get real estate reviews from people. We’ll talk about why it’s important to keep getting reviews and when and where to ask for them.

Let’s start!

Why Bother With Real Estate Reviews?

Real estate is fundamentally about trust. To attract clients, they need to believe in your services. Reviews and testimonials from clients play a crucial role in establishing that trust.

It’s vital for every real estate agent to gather reviews. These help in generating new leads and converting them into successful transactions. There’s a well-known saying in sales: “When you say it, it’s bragging. When a customer says it, it’s sales.” This principle is particularly relevant in real estate.

When agents claim they are “number one” or “the best in town,” it can come off as boasting. However, when these accolades come from customer reviews, they carry much more weight.

Get New Leads:

Online reviews on strategic platforms can lead to organic, effortless leads. These are the kinds of leads that don’t require hard selling.

In my experience, such leads are more inclined to commit from the outset, reducing the need to compete with other agents.

How do you get more leads? Target platforms where potential clients search for real estate services, like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Google. Reviews significantly influence how agents are ranked on these platforms. For instance, Zillow uses both sales and reviews in its Agent Finder tool to rank agents.


Ranking Zillow Reviews:

In today’s competitive market, securing real estate reviews is essential for your long-term success. Although it may seem challenging to accumulate reviews, a well-reviewed profile can serve as a potent marketing asset. The investment in gathering reviews often outweighs other marketing methods in terms of cost-effectiveness.


With a solid base of reviews, you can establish a predictable business model that consistently attracts new leads.

Convert More Leads:

Reviews serve as social proof, helping to build trust and convert more leads into clients. Integrate reviews into every aspect of your business, from social media to your website, and even in your listing presentations.

Showcasing reviews at every client interaction point is vital. One effective strategy is to create social media content featuring clients’ photos and their reviews at closing.

Where To Get Reviews?

The most impactful platforms for gathering reviews are Google, Zillow, Facebook, and your brokerage’s website.

Google Reviews:

Google is a great place to start. It’s one of the largest search engines and a common starting point for homebuyers and sellers. Ranking on Google can be more straightforward than on other platforms, making it an ideal first step for accumulating reviews.

Zillow (And Others):

Zillow is the largest real estate website, making it a key platform for reviews. However, don’t neglect other sites like Realtor.com or niche-specific directories, especially if you have a particular area of specialization.


Facebook is excellent for showcasing reviews and engaging with your network. It’s a platform where you can share success stories and client reviews, enhancing your online presence.

Your Broker Profile Website:

If your brokerage features an agent directory, make sure to gather reviews there as well. Ranking on your brokerage’s website can lead to valuable leads and increased visibility.

How to Ask For Real Estate Reviews?

Asking for reviews should be a strategic part of your process.

Ask Early:

Avoid waiting until the deal closes. The optimal time to request a review is when the transaction is nearing completion.

Ask Often:

Consistency is key. Request reviews at various stages—when the closing is 

scheduled, on the closing day, and a week after.

Give Them A Reason:

Explain the importance of their review. Engage clients in your mission to provide outstanding service and build a reputable community.

Leverage The Process:

Simplify the review process for clients. Utilize tools that allow for the easy posting of reviews across multiple platforms.

Final Thoughts:

Persistently requesting reviews is essential. The easier you make it for clients to leave reviews, the more you will receive. This practice can significantly impact your business growth. Aim to secure a review from every client, or at least from the majority.

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