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How To Become A Real Estate Agent in Dubai – 2023

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Dubai's Top 10 Real Estate Developers

Dubai is known for its super modern, tall buildings and lively nightlife. It’s also a great place to invest for many reasons. The city’s real estate market is booming because lots of businesses and industries are coming in. This makes a lot of people who are good at business want to become real estate brokers.

This is a great job for people who are good at talking and selling things. A great job for people who like to talk to people and want to know what they need is being a real estate agent. This article will guide you through what you need to do to become a real estate agent in Dubai.

Let’s get started!

Steps To Become A Real Estate Agent:

If you desire to become a real estate agent but don’t know how to do so, the steps we’re going to discuss will be very beneficial for you. Let’s go!

Step 1: Get a Residency Visa:

To start your career in Dubai’s real estate industry, you need a residency visa if you’re not from the UAE or GCC. You can get this visa in two ways: either through your job, where your company sponsors you, or, if your partner lives in the UAE, they can sponsor you. Once you get this visa, you also need to get an Emirates ID. This is the first big step to becoming a real estate agent in Dubai.

Step 2: Attend training for real estate brokers:

Next up, show that you can legally live and work in Dubai and that you’ve got the skills to be a great real estate agent. There’s a special training program by the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) for this. It’s a four-day course that teaches you all about Dubai’s real estate world. You’ll learn about history, how to do the job, and important laws and rules. You can take this course either in a classroom or online. To sign up, you’ll need your Emirates ID and proof of residency.

Step 3: Pass the RERA Exam:

After you finish your training, you have to pass the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) exam. This test checks everything you learned in the DREI course. It costs a bit to take the exam, but if you’ve got a university degree, it’s cheaper.

Step 4: Get Your Agent’s License:

You’re almost there! After passing the RERA exam, and if you don’t have any legal issues, you can get your agent’s license. Just give them your course certificate, proof you passed the RERA exam, and a good conduct certificate. Then, the Economic Department will give you your broker’s license. This license isn’t forever, though; you have to renew it now and then.


Renewing Your Real Estate License in Dubai:

Renewing your license is important. Start this process a month before your license expires. You’ll have to take the RERA test again and do well. You can finish the renewal online by giving them a few documents and paying a fee.

Why become a real estate agent in Dubai?

Being a real estate agent in Dubai has some great benefits. First, you can make a lot of money because properties in Dubai are worth a lot. It’s also fun to meet people from all over the world. Along with that, you’ll see beautiful buildings in Dubai all the time. 

Keep in mind, though, that most agents get paid a fee, so you need to be good at what you do to make a good living. In the end, working as a real estate agent in Dubai is hard work that pays off. You will work with valuable items and meet a lot of different kinds of people. If you’re willing to work hard and commit, it’s a great job. Have a great trip!


Starting a career as a real estate agent in Dubai can be a great choice. It takes some work to begin, like getting a visa, learning through a special course, and passing an important test. But once you do all this, you can earn good money and meet lots of different people. Dubai has some really cool buildings, and as an agent, you get to see them a lot. This job is not just about making money; it’s also about making new friends and learning new things. If you’re ready to work hard and learn, you can do really well as a real estate agent in Dubai. It’s a job that can give you a lot, both in money and in experience.

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