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How To Check If You Have Travel Ban In UAE: Proper Guide

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How To Check If You Have Travel Ban In UAE

The UAE’s economy benefits from the presence of people from other countries. But sometimes, people who aren’t citizens might try to leave the country to avoid legal problems. So, the UAE government sometimes stops certain residents from traveling. 

If you’re worried about having trouble traveling in or out of the UAE, this is how you can check if there’s a travel ban on you in Dubai or other places in the UAE.

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Latest News on UAE Travel Ban:

Dubai has a new way to help people with travel bans because of criminal cases. They can now pay fines online easily. This service is for people who need to pay fines only. When they pay, the travel ban is removed quickly.

The new service is fast and helps with cases where the person wasn’t there in court. Shamsa Salem Al Marri said this service is part of a big plan to make government services better.

How to Pay Fines:

  1. Get a text from the Public Prosecution, click a link, and pay online with a digital ID.
  2. Use machines that take cash or card payments. You can put in different money notes.
  3. Go to the Public Prosecution’s website, log in, and pay there.

After paying, you’ll get a text saying your payment worked and the travel ban is lifted.

What is a Travel Ban?

A travel ban stops a person from leaving or entering the country. It’s used for things like child custody, unpaid money, or criminal investigations. If you have a travel ban, you can’t leave the country and might get stopped when you come in.

Before flying from the UAE, check if you have a travel ban to avoid problems at the airport.

Now a question arises “

What Happens if you have a UAE travel ban?

A UAE travel ban means you can’t go into, come back to, or leave the UAE. This ban stays until you meet some rules to end it. So, if there’s a ban, you’re not allowed to travel in or out of the UAE. If you think you might have a travel ban, it’s a good idea to check your travel status with the UAE immigration. This way, you won’t have any problems when you’re at the airport.

Now, let’s discuss a reasons:

Reasons For A Travel Ban Include:

  • Being in a criminal case.
  • Breaking immigration rules.
  • Not paying money you owe.
  • Rent problems.
  • Working without the right visa.
  • Staying longer than your visa allows.
  • Leaving without telling your job.
  • A big disease outbreak.

How to Check for a Travel Ban in the UAE:

  1. Go to a Dubai Police station.
  2. Call the Amer center at 800-5111 (or +971-4-313-9999 from outside the UAE). They’ll need your passport number.

Check online:

  • Have your Emirates ID ready.
  • Go to Dubai Police’s website or their app.
  • Look for ‘Individual Services’.
  • Choose ‘Criminal Status of Financial Cases’.
  • Enter your name and Emirates ID number.
  • If you have a ban, you’ll get a message to go to the police station with your ID, passport copy, and a letter.

For Abu Dhabi, go to the Judicial Department’s website or the Estafser service and enter your details. That’s it!


Where Can I Go on Holiday from the UAE?

Dubai International Airport is a big airport with many flights to different places. You can fly to many countries from there, and some flights are pretty cheap. For example, you can easily go to beautiful places like Greece or Spain. If you like beaches, you can visit the Maldives. Or, if you want to see a different culture, you can go to Japan.


Popular Honeymoon Places from the UAE?

There are lots of romantic places to visit from the UAE for a honeymoon. You can get help from travel agencies in Dubai if you’re not sure where to go. To save money, you can fly with cheaper airlines or use credit card points. Some people also like to travel alone from Dubai.


What Can’t I Bring to Dubai Airport?

Dubai Airport doesn’t allow you to bring certain things like sharp objects and some medicines. No matter what visa you have, don’t bring these banned items to avoid trouble when you travel. Also, know the rules about bringing medicine into the UAE.


This is all about how to check if you have a travel ban in the UAE and other travel tips. Checking if you have a travel ban is easy, whether online or in person. The UAE has fair laws and smart police stations in Dubai to make following the law easy and clear.

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