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How To Check Overstay Fine In UAE: Online Check Guide

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If you stay in the UAE for a longer period of time then it’s possible that you might have to pay some fines. In other cases if you already live in the UAE or want to travel, you should be aware of these fines. You should also know how to check and pay if any situation happens. 

This article will guide you through the process of checking for overstay costs in the UAE and how to pay them. Knowing these guidelines can help you enjoy a pleasant and trouble-free stay in the UAE.

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Latest Update For Visitors In UAE:

There is a change you should be aware of if you visit Dubai and your visa expires. Previously, there was some extra time after the visa expired, but this is no longer the case. It is now important to leave before the expiration date of your visa. There is a fee if you remain longer. 

Furthermore, you must first pay the fine before getting the permission to leave the country. In order to avoid problems, follow the guidelines! 

UAE Overstay Fine:

When your visa in the UAE expires and the extra time you got expires which results that you must pay a fee for remaining longer.The fee is AED 50 for each extra day you remain. The same is true if you cancel your visa. The UAE government provides you six months to leave or obtain a new visa. 

If you remain longer, you will be fined AED 50 per day. If you overstay, you must also get an exit permit, which allows you to leave the UAE. AED 300 is the maximum price for this pass.

How To Check UAE Overstay Fine?

To see how much you need to pay for overstaying in the UAE, follow these steps:

GDRFA website:

  • Go to the GDRFA website.
  • Choose your file type: “resident” for those with residence visas, or “permit” for visit or tourist visas.
  • Fill in the details they ask for.
  • Solve a simple math problem for captcha verification.
  • Click ‘Submit.’

You can then check the details of your overstay fine.

ICP website:

  • Visit the ICP website.
  • Pick ‘Public Services.’
  • Fill in all the needed information.
  • Check the captcha box and click ‘Search.’ You will see the details of your overdue overstay fine.

How To Pay UAE Overstay Fine?

The ICA made it easy to pay your overstay fine online. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the ICA website.
  • Click on the virtual assistant at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose ‘Apply for Services’ from the list.
  • Pick ‘Pay Fine’ or type the service number.
  • Enter your unified number and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • The details of your violation and fines will show up, with a link to pay (if any). Click the link.
  • Check the information on the service submission screen, then click ‘Next.’
  • Click ‘Pay’ to finish.
  • If the payment works, the ICA will notify you with your transaction number.

UAE Overstay Fine Canceled:

If you stay in the UAE longer than allowed and don’t extend your visa or leave within the grace period, the government might fine you. But, if you unintentionally overstay due to unexpected reasons, you can ask the government to review your case.

To apply for a fine cancellation you need:

  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID and passport visa copy.
  • Your passport and visa.
  • Visa copy with fines.
  • Newly approved e-visa (if changing status).
  • Cancellation paper (if leaving UAE).
  • Letter in Arabic asking to reduce fines.
  • UID number from GDRFA for newborns (to process the fine reduction).

Remember, the GDRFA authority decides whether to approve or decline your request.

Documents Required To Apply For Visa Fine Cancellation:

You need certain papers if you want to ask the UAE government to reduce fines. Here’s the list:

  • The person sponsoring you needs to give their original Emirates ID and a copy of their passport visa.
  • You need to have your own passport and visa.
  • Copy of your visa that shows the fines.
  • If you’re changing your status, bring the newly approved e-visa.
  • If you’re leaving the UAE, bring the cancellation paper.
  • Write a letter in Arabic asking to reduce the fines.
  • If you have a newborn, get a UID number from GDRFA for the fine reduction process.


Discovering and handling overstay fines in the UAE is crucial for a trouble-free stay. Residents and visitors should know how to check, pay, and cancel fines. The UAE has new rules. These rules must be timely action and stress the importance of following visa regulations. To have a smooth experience in the UAE, follow the rules for online checks and payments. 

Find out how to check and pay overstay fines in the UAE. You may also be able to cancel the fines. This guide has all the information you need to know. Stay informed and careful. That’s it!

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