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How To Check Uae Visa Cancellation Status Online: 5 Methods

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Are you living in the UAE and need to check your canceled visa status? It’s really important to do this to avoid any trouble or fines. It used to be hard to check this – you had to visit various government offices or make phone calls at certain times. But now, thanks to the internet, you can easily check your visa status online using your phone or computer. 

This guide is for anyone from another country living in the UAE. We’ll show you how to check if your visa cancellation has been processed, without needing to make lots of in-person visits. Want to be sure that your canceled visa is officially closed in the system? Just follow these easy steps.

Let’s get started!

Before moving forward we’ve arranged the methods in a sequenced form that helps our potential audience understand things better. .

Method 1: Use the ICA Smart Services Website or App

To check your visa status or closure, use the ICA Smart Services website or app. The UAE’s ICA department offers an official website and mobile app for this purpose.

Follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have it, get the ‘ICA UAE’ app for iOS or Android. Or, go to the ICA website on your computer.
  2. Log into the ICA portal using your UAE Pass credentials. If you do not have a UAE Pass, you can register through the ICA app or website with your Emirates ID.
  3. Once logged in, look for the option to “Inquire About Your Visa Cancellation Status.” To find this information, go to the website and click on Visa Services. Then select Enquire About Your Visa Cancellation.
  4. Choose whether you want to check the status of a canceled visit visa or a house visa.
  5. Input your passport number, full name as on the passport, nationality, date of birth, and expiration date of the visa (if applicable).
  6. Finally, click on ‘View Status’ to see if your request is being processed or canceled. The official status and dates will be displayed.

By following the simple steps on ICA’s online service, you can check if your UAE visa cancellation is processed and approved or still pending closure.

Method: 2 Check in Person at Amer Centres

You can check visa cancellation status in person at Amer Service Centers in all emirates. There are 60 Amer locations providing government services to citizens and expats.

Follow this process to verify a visa cancellation at Amer:

  1. Find the nearest Amer Center using the locator on the Amer website or app. Almost every major city has multiple branches.
  2. Gather your original passport and Emirates ID card. These official IDs will be required.
  3. Visit the Amer Center during working hours and locate the information desk.
  4. Tell the representative you want to ask about your recently canceled UAE visa’s status.
  5. Provide your passport open to the visa cancellation page along with your EID card.
  6. The American agent will check the national system. They will print a letter to show if your visa cancellation is done or still in progress.

Method: 3 Call the ICA Hotline

Getting an official letter with the cancellation status printed from the government database is a reliable way to confirm. Amer Centers also guarantee processing most requests within minutes for convenience.

If it’s hard to go to an Amer Center or you like doing things on the phone, you can call the ICA support hotline.

Here are the steps to check the cancellation status through ICA phone support:

  1. Call the official ICA number at (600) 55555.
  2. Select the menu options for visa inquiries and to speak to an agent.
  3. When an agent comes on the line, explain that you want to check the status of your recently canceled UAE visa.
  4. Have your passport, UAE visa, and EID card details handy to provide for reference:
  • Passport number
  • Visa number
  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Sponsor name and organization
  • Any other relevant IDs
  1. After taking down the details, the ICA call agent will pull up your visa records through the linked database and relay back the real-time status.
  2. Take note on your end or request the agent to send the official cancellation status through email as well.

To get visa cancellation updates, call the ICA hotline during working hours.

Method 4: Follow Up With Your Former Visa Sponsor

Beyond going through general government channels, you can also check for visa cancellation confirmation from whoever previously sponsored your work or house visa, likely your former company or employer.

Follow this sponsor follow-up process:

  1. Contact the HR, PRO, or administrative office of the organization that was managing your visa sponsorship earlier. Almost all sponsors have dedicated teams for this.
  2. Explain to them that you resigned or got laid off recently but want written confirmation that they have canceled your visa since.
  3. A request for an official letter addressed to you stating your named visa associated with the sponsor has been canceled without any pending dues, absconding charges, etc. on their end.
  4. Once you receive this letter, hold on to it, as it’s reliable proof from the sponsor themselves that cancellation is approved.

Having this clearance letter from whoever sponsored you adds a layer of confirmation that your house status was removed from the system.

Method 5: Check with Your Bank on Salary Transfers 

As a final method, your bank can also provide insight into employment visa cancellation.

Here is how to leverage your bank:

  1. Visit your bank branch or call customer support to access current account activity statements.
  2. Check when the last overseas salary credits came in from your past UAE employer who held your work visa.
  3. Once your monthly salary payments have stopped showing up from that company for 1-2 consecutive months, it almost means the visa linked to that employment is canceled.
  4. But I still request that the bank provide an official letter confirming the status of those prior recurring salary credits.

Since employment visas are tied to getting paid from a local sponsor company, termination of those salary benefits is a strong trigger for the associated work visa to be closed off.


Checking the status of a canceled UAE visa brings much-needed mental relief and closure for foreign citizens living there. People are worried about visa invalidation in government systems because they are unsure what will happen. They fear consequences, fines, and losing their jobs.

Today, it is easier than ever to verify your visa cancellation. There are fast online options, Amer Centers, call centers, sponsor coordination, and bank activity analysis to help you.

To confirm your visa is closed, use one of the access points above when leaving the UAE after resigning your job or returning home. Before moving on, complete a thorough check to ensure you finish your tasks in this country.

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