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How To Check Visa Medical Report Online In Dubai – 2023

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To live in Dubai, you need work or residence permits. These permits require medical fitness reports from authorized examination centers. After getting your visa medical checks, you might wonder how to check your Dubai medical test report online. We’ll clarify the straightforward process to check your Medical Fitness Application status using the DHA Smart App.

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Dubai Health Authority Requirements:

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulates medical testing standards for residents and immigrants. Approval of your medical exam report is essential to achieve work permits or house visas allowing you to live, work or conduct business in Dubai.

Downloading The DHA App:

To check your Dubai medical visa test results, download the DHA Smart App on your smartphone. Available in both English and Arabic languages, the app grants access to key DHA and immigration services.

Registering & Logging In:

After installing the app, register for an account using your DHA Health Card, Emirates ID Card or existing DHA Account credentials. You can also enable Face ID or Touch ID for streamlined accessibility to open the app and log in.

Checking Report Status:

A major benefit of the DHA Smart App is letting you check the status of your Medical Fitness Application. After you finish the required medical exam at a visa medical center in Dubai, you can use the app to see your fitness report, final status, and outcome.

No more hassle or confusion tracking down reports. The app displays your visa medical test results from the Dubai Health Authority system as soon as they are uploaded and finalized.

Tracking Appointments:

Also, the DHA App enables managing medical appointments for visa screening tests or follow-ups. Verify upcoming appointment timings, reschedule if necessary or cancel if no longer needed. Sync appointments to your calendar for automated alerts as well.

Locating Medical Centers:

Planning the required visa medical fitness exam? The DHA App has a map that shows authorized medical centers nearby. These centers can conduct visa-related tests. This helps visitors or arriving residents arrange the visa medical screening.

Preparing Documents:

Before using the DHA Smart App, make sure you finish the medical exam and blood tests at a certified DHA visa medical center in Dubai.

Hospitals like Medcare and LLH have staff licensed for immigration medical tests and checks. Once you get approval and your visa medical fitness certificate, use the DHA Smart App. With it, you can access your health reports from Dubai Health Authority systems.

Final Thoughts:

Knowing how the medical visa test works is very important if you want to live or work in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) makes sure that everyone in Dubai is healthy. You can check your medical test results online with the DHA Smart App, which makes this job easier. This app can help people who are applying for visas for the first time or who are updating them. 

That way, you can look at your medical fitness record and make plans for your health.According to DHA rules, the app, which is available in both English and Arabic, gives you a full picture of your medical situation. You can look at your health application, see the results, and find medical sites near you where you can get tests. You can get the most out of the DHA Smart App if you have all the necessary paperwork ready and take your medical tests at an approved center. The app shows that Dubai is serious about healthcare and tech solutions, which makes living easier. People in Dubai can use the DHA Smart App to learn about their health needs. Need to use.


How Do I Check My Dubai Medical Test Report Online?

You can check your Dubai medical test report online through the DHA Smart App. After completing your tests, log into the app to access your report.

What Are The Dubai Health Authority’s Requirements For Medical Testing?

To get work or residence visas, the Dubai Health Authority needs you to take a medical fitness test. This test includes blood tests and other health checks.

Can I Manage My Medical Appointments For Visa Screening Through The DHA App?

You can use the DHA App to handle your medical appointments for visa screening. This includes scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling them.

Where Can I Find Authorized Medical Centers For Visa Medical Tests in Dubai?

To find authorized medical centers for visa tests in Dubai, use the DHA Smart App. It shows a map and certified center locations.

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