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How To Check Your Visa Status by Using Your Passport Number

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Getting a visa for studying in another country can be tough and you might feel unsure about what to do. You work hard to apply and then wait to hear back. Even after you send in your application, you might worry a lot about getting it approved. Sometimes visas get turned down for different reasons. You might keep checking the visa website to not miss any updates. To worry less, it’s good to keep checking how your visa application is doing. 

You can do this by using your passport number on the visa website of the country. You usually need to log in with your passport number and some other details about yourself, and then you can see how your application is going.

By keeping an eye on your visa status, you can relax more about how things are going and get ready for your trip. So, if you’re waiting for a visa for an exciting trip, make sure to regularly check how it’s doing with your passport number. This way, you can know what’s happening and not feel so stressed.

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How to Check Your Visa Validity Using Your Passport Number?

Checking your visa status with your passport number is easy. First, go to the country’s visa website where you applied. Look for a way to check your visa status. Enter your passport number and your birth date, or the acknowledgment number you got when you applied. Then, click “Submit” to see your visa status. This online method is a convenient way to track your application and reduce worry.

Where Can You Find Your Visa Reference Number and What Is It?

A visa reference number is a unique number given to your visa application. It’s used to identify your application when they’re working on it. You can find this number on the receipt from when you applied. If you applied in person, remember to keep this receipt.

Now as we know the situation never remains the same. Let’s discuss if you’re from  another country how you can check your visa validity in different scenarios. Let’s get started!

Check the Status of Your Visa Online for the UK:

To check your UK visa status, you will receive updates through SMS and email. You can also check online. Go to the UK visa website and enter details like your Case ID or Unique Application Number, along with other numbers they provided. You can then see your visa status.

Understanding Your Visa Labels: What Information Do They Contain?

When you receive your visa, your passport will have labels from the Home Office. These labels show the type of visa, how long it’s valid, the last date you can enter the country, how many times you can enter, and the rules for your visa.

Check Your Visa Status Online For Canada:

To see your Canadian visa status online, visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website. Look for “Check your application status” and choose the option that fits your application. Enter your application number and personal details like your birth date and passport information. After submitting, you can view the status of your application.

Check Your Visa Status Online For the USA:

To check your US visa status, visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Go to “Check Case Status” and select the option that matches your visa type. Enter the receipt number from your application notice and submit. This will show you the current status of your visa application.

Check Your Visa Status Online for Australia:

For checking your Australian visa status, use the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO) or their app. VEVO accepts various travel documents, allowing you to access your visa details and conditions.

Check Your Visa Status Online for New Zealand:

For a New Zealand visa, if you applied online, use your account on the New Zealand visas website. For offline applications, contact the consulate after the processing time they mentioned. You can also check your visa conditions through the Realme app.

Check The Visa Status Online For Singapore:

To check your Singapore visa status, go to the country’s visa portal. Select “Enquire Application Status.” Enter your Visa Reference Number and passport number and click “Next” to view your status.

How To Check Your Dubai Visa With Your Passport Number:

Below are some simple steps that you can follow:

  • Go to the ICP website.
  • Click on “Passport Information” and then select “Visa.”
  • Put in your passport number, the date your passport expires, and your country.
  • Do the human verification step.
  • Press the “Search” button.

If You’re From Another Country:

If you’re in a different country from where you applied, you can still check your visa status online. Just use the steps provided on each country’s visa website. This makes it easy to follow your application from anywhere.


Online visa status checks provide a convenient and easy way to stay informed about your application. Whether it’s for the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore, each country has a system for tracking your application’s progress. This method saves time and eases the stress of waiting for approval, helping you to better plan your journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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