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How To Download Your Visit Visa Copy In UAE Online 2023

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Getting a copy of your UAE visit visa is important for many reasons. It helps with travel records and residency applications. Obtaining a visa is not always easy because it is often issued on arrival. This guide helps you download or get a copy of your UAE visit visa.

If you need to get a copy of your UAE visit visa, follow the simple steps outlined in this guide. Keep reading to find out how you can get your visa copy. You can do it online, from airlines or hotels, or by asking for a printed or emailed version.

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Check Visa Status and Get E-Copy Via UAE:

The quickest way to get an e-copy of your UAE visit visa is from the official Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website. Simply log into the website using your passport details and unique visa number. Under the entry permit status section, you can view up-to-date information on your visa as well as download a digital copy if it was issued. Be sure to save a soft copy or screenshot for your records. This works for all UAE tourist, business, and other visit visas issued through official channels.

Visa Copy From Airline Booking:

Most UAE visit visas are issued today, so your airline will also have a copy available for you to view and download. To obtain this, simply log into your airline booking using your e-ticket details and navigate to your itinerary. Look for the ‘visa’ section alongside your flight and passenger information. If an e-visa was issued with your ticket booking, an electronic copy should be accessible here. If you cannot find the download option, contact your airline’s customer service to have a copy emailed to you. This works for all major airline carriers.

Request A Printed Visa Copy From The Hotel:

If the hotel in the UAE helps you get a visa, they can give you a printout if you ask. Get in touch with your hotel’s travel desk or reservations team that handled your visa application and ask for a printed copy to be prepared for you. You will need to provide details like your full passport information and arrival date to help them locate your records. Upon check-in, request for the visa copy print at the front desk; it should be filed away awaiting your arrival.

Obtain From A Visa Processing Center or Sponsor:

If your UAE visit visa was secured through a visa processing center or a sponsor such as your employer or university, they can also help provide an official copy. Get in touch with the relevant visa application center or sponsor contact and put in a request for them to send you a soft copy via email or a printed version by post. To find your records, please provide the necessary identity details, such as passport information or a visa number. Once received, file away the attachment or hard copy as your official visa record.

Verify Your Identity And Request Records From Immigration:

If other ways didn’t work, go to the nearest immigration office in the UAE for a visa copy. Book an appointment slot and carry your original passport along with a photocopy. To request a copy, fill out a form at the center. Provide your personal details, passport information, and specifics. Once your identity is verified, the request should be processed within a stipulated time frame. Return to your scheduled follow-up date to collect the printed visa copy.


Securing a copy of your UAE visit visa is a crucial step in managing your travel and residency documents efficiently. As outlined in this guide, there are several convenient ways to obtain a visa copy, catering to your specific needs. Whether you prefer the quick online method through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website, accessing it via your airline booking, or requesting a printed copy from your hotel or visa processing center, each method ensures you have your visa documentation at your fingertips. 

Remember, keeping a digital or physical copy of your visa is essential for record-keeping, future travel plans, and residency applications. It’s always better to be prepared and have multiple copies of important documents like your visa. By following these straightforward steps, you can easily access and store your UAE visit visa, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience in the UAE.

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