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How to find accommodation in UK for Indian students?

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The first stage in your study abroad adventure is finding accommodation in the UK. It could also be the most difficult task you have as an international student. Here is a summary of the several kinds of student housing that are available for you to choose from while you study in Leicester, UK.

The following are the most typical kinds of best student accommodation in Leicester available to international students:

  • University Dorms
  • Private Dorms
  • Rented Apartments
  • Rooms in Private Houses

It can be difficult to choose one that will fit both your needs and, more importantly, your budget. You’re also pressed for time because courses start in a little while. That stated, you must prepare ahead of time.

Advice for locating quality student housing in Leicester, United Kingdom for Indian students

1. Conduct Study 

You may quickly resolve this issue if you have a broad notion of the area of the city you would like to live in and the possibilities that are available to you.

These days, conducting research is a simple effort. You can begin your online browsing while seated in your living room. Many helpful resources are available, such as a large number of UK housing websites.


You might look at the trend of rent costs to get an idea of where it might be more affordable and practical for you. Additionally, you can openly ask students who have experienced this before you by joining online communities for students.

2. Check for private dormitories in the area

There aren’t enough beds in university residence halls for every new international student. As a result, numerous private dorms are constructed to house the remaining individuals.

They provide comparable living conditions to university dorms and are significantly less expensive than private apartments, so you should definitely give them priority.

In addition, these facilities feature their own living halls, cafeterias, libraries, and extra spaces for extracurricular activities like sports.

In addition, it’s a fantastic chance to interact socially with students. Put another way, it will be a standard welcoming atmosphere for students.

3. Look for roommates

We advise you to share a private flat or flat with someone else if you have no other choice. The cost of rent is too high for a student to pay on their own, whether they live in Leicester or somewhere far less expensive in the UK.

4. Verify that the lodging has all you require

Make sure an accommodation has everything you need before choosing one. While pricing is undoubtedly essential, you should always look for the greatest offer. In the event that it lacks even the most basic of living amenities, you should not rent it.

5. Make all the arrangements before you go

If you are a student and you are successful in making all the arrangements on time, then your only focus should be studying. In that case, timing is everything.

Even if it could be challenging to organise housing from your hometown, you should at the very least compile a list of the people and organisations you plan to get in touch with when you arrive in Leicester, UK with your lodging request.

Your university should be the first place you call. You can conduct your study individually or with assistance from their office for international students.

Top-notch private student housing

Newarke Point is a modern student residence located in Leicester, United Kingdom. It provides a selection of superior rooms, such as Classic Studios, Premium Range 1 Studios, Classic Ensuites, and Premium Range 1 Ensuites. The University of Leicester is 11 minutes away by car, and De Montfort University is only a 6-minute drive away, making the home ideally situated close to both of these prestigious universities. Leicester is a vibrant, historically significant city with a wide range of attractions, distinct neighbourhoods, and a flourishing culture. Newarke Point Leicester is the perfect site for city life and commuting because it also has great transport alternatives.


Newarke Point offers opulent, contemporary apartments that are intended to give tenants a comfortable place to live. High-quality furnishings and utilities including cooking hobs, a fridge freezer, a desk chair, and a wardrobe are included in the rooms. Together with usual amenities like bike storage, laundry facilities, and a shared study area, the property also has a secure on-site gym and manicured outdoor social space. To ensure a hassle-free environment for students, all utility expenses are included, including water, electricity, WiFi, and heating. With round-the-clock security, CCTV, fire suppression, secure entry, and contents insurance, the facility likewise prioritises the safety and well-being of its occupants.

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