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How to fix zoom error code 10004

zoom error code 10004

Zoom error code 10004: In today’s digital era, video conference apps have become essential. From business meetings to academic classes, most institutions have expanded their physical presence online. 

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps used in different parts of the world, especially during COVID-19. However, many users have been facing issues with the app recently, such as Zoom Error Code 10004

If you’re one of those users, you will find a complete guide to Zoom Error Code 10004 in this article. We will take you through the reasons behind the issue and how to fix them. Let’s begin. 

What is the Zoom Error Code 10004? 

If you’ve recently downloaded Zoom, you might be seeing a pop-up notification with Zoom Error Code 10004. It usually happens when the Zoom app fails to connect to its servers for the self-update. 

According to the users, they’re facing the issue when they try to open the app after downloading and installing it on their computer for the first time. Some of them are also receiving the error notification amid an ongoing Zoom call. 

Reasons behind the Zoom Error Code 10004 

There are several reasons behind the error code 10004 zoom issue. Some of them are listed below. 

  • The Zoom app might be under maintenance, leading to server-down issues. 
  • Your device might have an inconsistent network connection, disabling Zoom to establish a connection.
  • You might have not updated the Zoom app on your device. Even if Zoon fails to auto-update itself, the Zoom Error Code 10004 may appear. 
  • Third-party software, such as an anti-virus, can block the Zoom client and prevent it from establishing a connection to its servers. 

Ways to Fix the Error Code 10004 on Zoom

Before trying out any method to fix the issue, you must ensure to check the Zoom service status. You must check if they’re working properly and the problem has not arisen out of your system. 

If the error still occurs, you can try out the following methods to fix the Zoom Error Code 10004 issue. 

  • Start by giving your Zoom client a manual update (if available).
  • Next, you must permit the Zoom app to pass through Windows Defender Firewall. 
  • Clearing unnecessary and corrupted cache and cookies prevents Zoom from malfunctioning and displaying connection issues. 
  • Another way to resolve the issue is by reinstalling the Zoom app on your device. You must delete the app and reinstall it after some time. 

In case the Zoom app is facing a server-down issue or is under maintenance, you must wait for a few hours for it to get fixed by the company. 

To Summarise

Video conferencing apps like Zoom are essential for people who work from home or take online classes etc. Zoom Error Code 10004 issue can prevent users from accessing it. Hence, this article provides you with a complete guide to tackling the Zoom Error Code 10004 issue, along with possible reasons behind it. 

If the zoom error code 10004 persists, you must try reaching out to its customer support for professional assistance. Read more from the source – Ityug247

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