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How To Get a Schengen Visa From UAE: Steps To Understand

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Planning that dream trip to Europe but don’t know how to get a Schengen visa from the UAE? This step-by-step guide has got you covered! We’ll walk through the key steps for applying and getting your Schengen short-stay visa without any hassles.

Let’s get started!

First Step: Plan Out Your Europe Trip

Before rushing into the visa application, you need to decide where exactly in Europe you plan to go and for how many days. Here are the key elements to determine:

  • Purpose of your trip: tourism, visiting friends or family, business meetings, etc.
  • The total number of days you will spend in Europe (the largest 90 days)
  • The Schengen countries where you plan to travel and for how long
  • What date will you enter the Schengen region, and what date will you exit?

Having your precise Europe itinerary locked in will help complete your visa application properly. For example, let’s say you plan a 15-day trip to explore popular cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome. Your total stay duration is less than 90 days. This makes you eligible for Schengen’s short-stay tourist visa.

Second Step: Pick the Right Visa Category

For people from the UAE, Schengen offers two visa options:

  1. Short-Stay Visa for tourism or short visits up to 90 days
  2. Long-Stay National Visa For study, work, or stays over 90 days

Since your Europe trip is for tourism and lasts only 15 days, a short-stay visa is the right category for you. The short stay allows for tourism, visiting friends and family, events, business meetings, transit, etc. But if you want to study, work, or move to Europe for more than 90 days, a long-stay national visa is needed instead. It has strict eligibility rules.

Third Step: Get Your Schengen Visa Documents Ready

Before you show up at the consulate, ensure you have all the required documentation in order, as part of the process for how to apply Schengen visa from UAE. 


  • Common documents needed include: 
  • Passport
  • Passport Photos
  • Flight and Hotel Bookings
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Bank Statements
  • Salary/Employment Certificates. 


Also, carry additional documents based on your status; students should carry enrollment letters or NOCs from the university. Business owners should carry license or registration proof. It’s better to organize every document systematically beforehand and keep copies or scans. Complete documentation strengthens your visa application.

Fourth Step: Submit The Visa Application At The Correct Consulate

Each Schengen country has its own consulate or visa application center in the UAE. You need to apply at the consulate of the country where you plan to:

➡ ️ Spend the maximum number of days (main destination).


➡ ️ Arrive first (your first port of entry).

So in our example 15-day trip covering Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, you would submit the visa application either in the Italy or France consulate as you enter there first. Appointments can be done online via the VFS website of the relevant consulate.

Fifth Step: Attend the Important Visa Interview

A short (2–3 minute) visa interview happens when you go for the in-person appointment. The official mainly asks for basic things like your trip’s purpose, duration, accommodation plans, and places you intend to see. Respond and Getting answers wrong or hiding facts can spoil your chances.

Be confident and truthful. Also, carry all supporting documents to show if asked. This strengthens your credibility.

Final Thoughts:

Getting a Schengen visa from the UAE for your European adventure is easy and lets you have an amazing trip. Plan your trip, pick the right visa category, gather important documents, apply at the correct consulate, and prepare for the visa interview. This will help you explore the diverse culture of Europe. To have a successful application, be clear and honest about your travel plans. Whether you’re in Paris, Rome, or Amsterdam, it’s important. Your journey begins with a clear itinerary, ensuring you are eligible for the Short-Stay Visa, perfect for trips under 90 days. Gathering all necessary documents, including travel bookings and financial statements, and arranging them strengthens your application. During the in-person interview, it is important to provide honest and clear information about the purpose and details of your trip. With these steps followed, the Schengen visa becomes your gateway to the diverse landscapes and rich cultures of Europe. Embrace the process, and soon you’ll be stepping into a world of extraordinary experiences that Europe offers.

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