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How to Get Oman Visit Visa From Dubai: Easy Steps to Follow

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Planning a trip from Dubai to Oman but unsure about getting your visa? Applying for an Oman visit visa from Dubai is actually a straightforward process. By preparing and following the application steps, your visa can usually be issued in a few days. This guide will explain what you need for your visa application. It covers the required documents and fees.

Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, use this as your main guide to get your Omani visa in Dubai. Read on to learn the easy way to get visitor visa approval and be on your way to exploring the beauty of Oman!

Let’s get started!

Now, the first step is to make sure of the eligibility criteria. It’s important to understand the criteria; otherwise, it might be complicated. Stay connected!

Make Sure The Eligibility Criteria:

The first step is ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria for an Oman visit visa from Dubai. To do this, you need a valid passport with at least 6 months left and enough empty pages for visas or stamps. To prove you have enough money in Oman, you 

must provide bank statements and other documents.

Passport Requirements:

Your passport must meet these requirements to apply for the visa:

  • Have at least 6 months of validity remaining from the date you enter Oman.
  • Have at least 2 blank pages for the visa and entry/exit stamps.
  • Be valid for at least 30 days after your intended return date.

Without a passport meeting these criteria, unfortunately, your visa application will be rejected. Check now so you have time to renew your passport if needed before applying.

Bank Statements:

Proof of finances is required to show you can cover costs in Oman for the duration of your stay. The following bank statements can be provided:

  • Personal bank account statement showing available balance
  • A letter from your company stating you have enough financial means
  • Sponsorship letter from someone in Oman committing to cover your trip costs

Hotels can also sometimes provide statements that they will provide accommodation. Having at least one of these financial documents is compulsory when applying for the Oman visa from Dubai.

Prepare Your Required Documents:

In addition to your passport, there are other vital documents needed to complete the Oman visa application from Dubai. Ensure you have electronic and physical copies of all these before applying.


Your original passport must be provided to get the Oman visa affixed. It will remain at the consulate while being processed and be available for pickup once approved. Have a photocopy as well to submit with the initial paperwork.

Bank Statements: 

Have bank statements and any other financial supporting documents ready per the eligibility criteria. Print and keep copies for your records too.

Hotel Bookings:

Proof of hotel arrangements covering the entire duration of the stay is mandatory. Print confirmations that show your reservation details and hotel contact information.

Health Insurance:

Valid health insurance with coverage in Oman for your whole trip is a necessity. Be prepared to give copies of your policy certificate confirming adequate coverage and emergency medical evacuation.

Choose The Application Method:

Now you’re ready to actually apply for your visa. You have three options to submit the Oman visa application from Dubai:

Applying at the Oman Consulate:

Visiting the consulate allows you to get everything submitted and cleared upfront. Be prepared for lengthy processing, though; visas issued this way can take 10–15 days.

Use approved travel agents:

Many travel agencies have special authorization to submit electronic applications and expedite visa approvals, usually within 5 days. Fees are often lower, too.

Apply online:

E-visa portals approved by the Oman government allow you to apply online. Fees are like agencies, and decisions are given within 7 days.

Submit the Visa Application to Process:

It’s time to put your documents together and request your Oman visit visa. Follow these steps for whichever application method you choose:

Fill out forms completely and provide the required details on all paperwork, double-checking for errors. Mistakes can slow down processing or lead to rejection.

Pay associated fees. Each applicant must pay visa fees, which differ based on nationality but are generally 20–50 OMR. Have exact change if paying cash or use credit or debit card otherwise.

Wait for the standard processing timeline. Approval times vary by application method, ranging from around 5 days to 15 days. Avoid making travel plans until your visa is granted, in case more documents are needed.

Receive visa approval:

Once approved, you can finish up the last few steps to get your Oman visa from Dubai:

Get your passport back with a visa stamped. Your original passport will have the visa sticker affixed inside once it is issued. Don’t forget to retrieve it from the consulate or agency! Check that all details are correct. Verify your name, passport number, and visa start and end dates are all accurate before leaving with your passport. Catch any problems immediately. 

Make photocopies as needed. Having a few extra copies of the visa page in your passport is always smart when traveling. This safeguards against losing critical trip documentation.


It might seem hard to get an Oman visit visa from Dubai, but it’s actually very easy if you have the right documents, choose the right way to apply, and follow all the steps. Your visa can be accepted in about a week, so your trip to beautiful Oman will go off without a hitch. Now that you’ve done everything you need to, all that’s left to do is start your Gulf region trip and enjoy the friendly Omani culture!

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