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Important Things That Should Be Checked In Used Bike

Used Bike

Deciding to buy a second-hand bike comes packed with several responsibilities and work to do in advance. It means finding the right choice of used motorcycle in a stable condition, knowing its price, checking its performance, and several other things.

When you need to evaluate your future mode of transportation as an ideal-looking used bike, do not be swayed by emotions and remain effective and objective. Pick a pen and paper, and you then create an imaginary points system that allows for effective bargaining over the price.

To be precise, you should inspect the condition of the selected vehicle before doing old two-wheeler valuation and purchase the same accordingly.

So, here in this blog, we bring forth you important things that need to be checked in a used motorcycle before purchasing the same.

Check the bike’s engine for the Used Bike

Look carefully at the vicinity of valve and engine covers for possible oil leaks. It’s also advisable to run the engine for a longer time and then see if the leak increases. Well, you may have to make the seller swap casually for an oil seal before ahem finalizing this deal. Inspect the hoses and tubes along the fuel line for any cracks or cuts.

Inspect the clutch functionality

Ensure that this is running correctly. If the clutch lever has a little drag, it might need lubrication. This is also likely to be a sign that the clutch cable needs replacement. However, only well-maintained clean, and untampered fluid is required of the seller in the case of hydraulic clutch systems. Ensure the hoses do not have leakages or cracks also.

Make sure to check the chassis

This is the bit that shouldn’t be overlooked it simply binds everything. So, it must stay as staunch as possible, without cracks or rust. Request someone to help in holding the bike steady and view it from a far distance so as to confirm whether the front and back tires are straight. If not, the chassis has been distorted from a powerful blow—either due to bottoming out or a hard landing. This may lead to an unstable and unsafe ride. Also, look for cracks or corrosion on the joints and welded areas.

The handlebar must be straight and steady

Should it look like the handlebars are bent because of a bad fall or some accident, this might be an issue for bike handling. Erroneously aligned handlebars lead to the bike moving towards right or left which is very stressful for a rider. The step also verifies the steering head assembly for worn-out bearings.

Look at tires & wheels

Set up the center stand and spin the back wheel to check if there are bulges or cracks. The tire wear

should be uniform with no flat spots which suggests that the rider has an eager habit of performing wheel burns, power slides, or hard brakes. Please ensure you address the year of manufacture and that it has not been in use for more than five years.

The exhaust must be working fine

Ensure that the entire exhaust system is still well secured to both the engine and chassis, despite its long years of vibration. The driver is supposed to listen for leaks in the exhaust which will result in more waste of fuel.

Know the physical condition

Observe the fairings for cracks and lack of bolts or clips. Ensure that the bodywork is aligned. A crooked fairing may be indicating a crash, and poor workmanship can’t hide the truth. Nothing compares to the clean and orderly bodywork that suits an immaculate, original paint finish.

Brake condition

If the owner had neglected to replace worn brake pads yet used it despite this fault causing deep scratches, check for rotor damage. If braking results in a pulsating sensation, the rotors must be replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, the brake lever should be restored quickly to its position even though there will be no dragging feel on the bike’s handlebars while rolling it without a sound.

Important suspension check

If you insert the fork, it should quickly and firmly push back. If this tends to dribble, it will have a replacement. The same applies to the rear shocks. There should be no sustained jumping up and down. Watch out for leaks on the fork seal. Suspension systems do not come easily, therefore it is a good thing to pinpoint all the problems before clinching on such deals.


Knowing about the product you buy is an important factor to use the same for a long time. The same thing applies to your decision to buy a used bike from a reputed dealer or an individual seller. Do inspect the external and internal components of a second-hand motorcycle well in advance before you decide to check the two-wheeler value and buy the same. In light of this, checking the major components of a second-hand bike is an important thing to make the right buying decision.

Also, when it comes to checking the valuation of a used bike, make sure to check with a trusted platform like Wheels of Trust (WOT). It is an online valuation platform where you can check the value of a used two-wheeler, decide to sell the same, or even give it for exchange on the same site itself.

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