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Indian Passport Services in UAE: Facility Paying Huge Fees

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Indian Passport Services in UAE: The bond between India and the United Arab Emirates has been robust and multi-faceted for many years. With a massive Indian Passport diaspora residing in the UAE, a variety of services related to the Indian community often come under the scanner, the latest being Indian passport services. Recent findings suggest that many applicants are feeling the pinch, as they are compelled to avail of the premium facility and pay exorbitant fees.

An Overview: The Need for Indian Passport Services in the UAE

There are close to 3.3 million Indians in the UAE, making them one of the largest expatriate communities in the country. For this vast population, essential services like passport renewal, emergency certificates, and other related services are of paramount importance. With such a vast number to cater to, one would expect streamlined and multiple options for passport services, but ground reality paints a different picture.

Indian passport services in uae: facility paying huge fees

The Premium Push: No Longer a Choice?

Recent reports suggest that there’s been an implicit push towards premium services for passport applicants. This premium facility comes with significantly higher fees compared to the standard services. While it promises faster processing and better service, the primary concern among the Indian community is the lack of a genuine choice. Many are reporting that the standard service slots are always booked, compelling them to choose the premium service despite its hefty price tag.

The Financial Strain and Implications

For many Indian expats, especially those in the blue-collar segment, the premium service fees can be a significant burden. The substantial cost difference between standard and premium services can stretch their monthly budgets. This raises concerns about the equitable provision of essential services to all segments of the Indian community in the UAE.

A Call for Transparency and Affordability

Community leaders and several Indian expats are calling for greater transparency in the allocation of standard service slots. They are also urging the concerned authorities to look into the matter and ensure that every applicant gets a fair chance to choose between standard and premium services based on their genuine needs and not due to forced circumstances.


The Indian passport services in the UAE play a crucial role in the lives of Indian expats. While premium services can be beneficial for those seeking quicker processing times, it’s essential to ensure that they remain a choice rather than a forced option. Addressing this issue will not only uphold the spirit of providing essential services to all but will also further strengthen the bond between the two nations by prioritizing the welfare of their residents.

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