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Investment in Dubai South:Everything You Need to Understand

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Dubai South City, earlier called Dubai World Central, is in the southern part of Dubai, UAE. It’s one of the largest and most creative projects in Dubai. The area is supposed to be a major hub for many things, like transportation, business, living, and flying.

Now, if you are thinking about where to invest, And is investment good for Dubai South? Consider Dubai South! It’s a great place to live because it’s growing quickly in important fields like transportation and flight, and it also has a lot of promise for living and doing business. Put your money into Dubai South right now and be a part of its exciting future!

Let’s have a brief conversation about it!

Dubai South:

Dubai South is a big planned city at the edge of Dubai. It’s made to be a place where people can live, work, have fun, and invest. The area is split into 8 parts:

  • Commercial District
  • Residential City
  • Golf City
  • Exhibition District (where Expo 2020 was held)
  • Business Park (a free zone)
  • Logistics District
  • Humanitarian District
  • Aviation District (where Al Maktoum International Airport is)

People can buy or rent different kinds of homes here, like apartments, big houses, and townhouses. It’s also a good spot to start a business. With great roads, facilities, and services, Dubai South is the biggest planned development in the UAE.

Dubai South Residential City:

This area covers a lot of land in the northeast part of Dubai South. It’s designed to offer good, affordable homes. The idea was to make it easy for people to live near their jobs in Dubai South, meet the area’s housing needs, and offer good prices. About 100,000 people can live here, and it can provide jobs for 20,000 people. There’s also a special part for workers.

Amenities in Dubai South Residential City:

This place has parks, eating spots, community centers, stores, service centers, sports areas, hotels, schools, hospitals, religious places, post offices, and police stations.

Dubai South Free Zone Master Plan:

Aviation District: A large area just for aviation-related things, like the Dubai Airshow.

Logistics District: Great for companies that work with shipping and supply chains, with easy airport access.

Business Park: Made for offices, new companies, and big businesses, offering 24/7 office solutions.

Business Facilities:

Here, you can own a business 100%, don’t have to pay personal or business taxes, send profits home, and have a quick and easy setup. There’s no import or export tax, but you can’t bring goods onto the mainland.

Types of Licenses in Dubai South Free Zone:

You can get licenses for logistics, making things, trading, services, education, and specific commercial activities.

Now comes the important question:

Why Dubai South?

Dubai South has big growth potential, thanks to good planning. There are many types of homes and properties at good prices. It’s well connected to major roads and close to Dubai Investment Park. Getting around Dubai from here is quick.

Educational institutes in the area:

There are schools nearby with British, American, Canadian, and Indian curriculums.

Facilities and Amenities on Offer. Dubai South has everything needed for a comfortable life, like parks, stores, and malls.

What makes Dubai South so famous?

It’s a big, master-planned city with a lot of features like an aerospace hub and logistics hub, and it’s expected to contribute a lot to Dubai’s economy by 2025. There’s a diverse community, many jobs, companies, and the Al Maktoum International Airport.


Dubai South, which used to be called Dubai World Central, is an area in southern Dubai that is growing and coming up with new ideas. To get around, do business, live, and fly, it’s becoming an important place. Dubai South is a great place to invest if you’re thinking about it. It’s growing quickly in important areas like flight and transportation, and it looks like a great place to live and do business. There are separate areas for business, living, and fun in Dubai South, which is a big planned city. It has a range of living choices, from flats to large houses, so it can fit a wide range of prices and lives. 

The area is not just about homes; it’s a hub for business too, especially with its free zone offering tax benefits and 100% business ownership.

The residential city part of Dubai South is designed to be affordable and convenient, aimed at providing easy living close to workplaces. Amenities like parks, schools, and malls make it a self-sufficient community.

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