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iPhone 13 Mega Deal: Grab for Just 57,999Rs on Flipkart

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Apple iPhone13 mega deal
Apple iPhone13

The effective price of the iPhone 13 on Flipkart is Rs 57,999, which is less than the initial asking price of Rs 69,900 at the Indian Apple shop. The 128GB storage variant costs Rs 58,999, and the bank’s credit cards offer an extra Rs 1,000 off. On April 13 to 17, the e-commerce behemoth will also have a summer sale, where it promises to sell the handset at a real cost of Rs 54,999.

The Apple iPhone 13, Apple’s most recent premium device, is now offered in India for the lowest price ever. With a savings of Rs 11,901 over the Apple store’s initial cost of Rs 69,900, the device is now available through the world’s largest online retailer, Flipkart, for a discounted rate of Rs 57,999. The iPhone 13 will be available at an even cheaper rate of Rs 54,999 during the forthcoming summer sale, so those who are interested in purchasing one should either take benefit of the current promotion or wait. To explain the current offer, the iPhone 13 is now advertised on Flipkart for Rs 58,999, but shoppers can receive an extra discount of Rs 1,000 by using an Axis Bank credit card. The cost has been decreased to Rs 57,999. It is significant to note that the price is for the 128GB storage variant and that the retail packaging does not contain a charger.

Although the iPhone 14 will soon be available, analysts claim that there aren’t many differences between the two models other than the satellite connectivity ability, which isn’t offered in India. Therefore, choosing the iPhone 13 above the new iPhone 14 is a sensible choice. After the discount, the iPhone 13 is available for Rs 57,999. Although the iPhone 13 delivers a few minor improvements over the iPhone 12, you might discover that the model from the prior year is more cost-effective. This phone sports a 6.1-inch OLED screen that is brilliant and colorful but only has a 60Hz rate of refresh and a bothersome notch.


  • The iPhone 13 has a cutting-edge dual-camera system that enables you to take fascinating photos with stunning clarity. Additionally, the blisteringly quick A15 Bionic chip enables seamless multitasking, enhancing your efficiency to a new level. Your user experience can be improved thanks to a significant increase in battery life, sturdy construction, and a vivid Super Retina XDR display.

Display and design

  • A more vibrant OLED display that is both power-efficient and easier to see in direct sunlight. With a strong, water- and dust-resistant construction.

Cinematic mode

  • Automatically produce stunning focus and depth transitions for your films. Give the scenes you photograph a new degree of storytelling.


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