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Jewar Airport The Changemaker For Delhi NCR’s Real Estate

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Jewar Airport, also called Noida International Airport, an alternative to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, is going to be Asia’s largest airport. Due to the coming up of an international airport, the region nearby is gearing up for a transformation that’s unmatched. 

Many real estate developers are coming up in the region with leading residential projects near Jewar Airport as more people are demanding to reside in the region due to high ROI and value appreciation prospects. 

Additionally, as the YEIDA is coming up with new infrastructural developments on the Yamuna Expressway, the region is emerging as a hub of real estate investments.

Many leading players like Gaursons India, Le Solitairian Group, and Ace Group are making valuable investments to provide beneficial investment opportunities to people looking for profitable assets that grow as the times change. 

Many infrastructural developments that are leading to an increase in demand for commercial  and residential plots in Jewar Airport are- 

  • Textile Park, spread across 8,09,371 sq. m, will create 5,00,000 jobs 
  • Film City, spread across 4 million sq.m 
  • Patanjali Food Processing Park to generate approximately 20,000 jobs 
  • Leather Park will generate job opportunities for 50,000 people
  • Medical Device Park spread over 14,16,450 sq.m, will create jobs for 7,000 people. 
  • Data Centres to drive digital transformation in the region 

Moreover, nowadays, studios are famous for their affordable prices and luxury amenities that make investments in these all worthwhile. The reason why Yamuna Apartment is seeing a rise in demand is due to the ability to cater to small families, bachelors and working professionals. 

Let’s look in detail at how Jewar Airport is changing the real estate landscape in the region

With 5 landmark runways, all set to cater 225 million passengers annually at total capacity, the airport shall create approximately 1 lakh jobs in the region. The first phase of operation is set to begin in 2024.  

1- Prime Location- Jewar Airport on Yamuna Expressway has easy access to Delhi, Noida, and NCR. This seamless accessibility to the major commercial and residential hubs makes it a prime reason for attracting valuable investments in  Yamuna Expressway. 

Additionally, the region is all set to be linked to global value chains because of leading commercial and residential projects near Jewar Airport that are shaping the region’s growth and development and thus are raising the demand for Plots in Jewar Airport and Yamuna Apartment in the region. 

2- Infrastructure Development- Significant infrastructure developments to ensure seamless connectivity from NCR include expanding metro connectivity and building various new highways to improve road connectivity. 

The key projects include a metro link between Greater Noida’s knowledge Park-2 and Jewar, Delhi- Varanasi high-speed rail connecting Delhi to Jewar airport in just 21 minutes. 

For home buyers this makes a considerable factor and this is why the number of residential projects near Jewar Airport are gaining momentum. 

3- Logistics and Manufacturing- YEIDA region is becoming an emerging logistics and manufacturing hub with valuable investments from leading giants in the industry like Vivo, a Chinese multinational technology company, LuLu Group International, A Middle East-based retail company etc. 

These companies are setting up manufacturing plants in the region near the Jewar Airport. Moreover, the Jewar Airport will have a maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) facility as per the authorities. This facility will create a large number of employment opportunities and revenue generation. 

4- International Business- Jewar Airport is going to be one-of-its-kind. It will boost the country’s export and import capacity and give an edge to international trade in the global market. 

A surge in international trade shall create more job opportunities, and more people migrating to the Noida-Greater Noida region. This major development is thus one of the reasons why people are preferring to invest in plots in Jewar Airport

Other important reasons to invest in residential real estate near Jewar Airport

1- Renowned Universities- Top universities like Sharda University, Gautam Buddh University and Galgotias University are located in proximity to Jewar. A significant number of faculty, staff and students are attracted to the region due to the presence of these universities. 

This creates a constant demand for rental properties like Yamuna Apartment or those available in residential projects near Jewar Airport. Thus, investing in properties around the airport offers the potential for capital appreciation and steady rental income. 

2- Smooth Metro Connectivity– The existing metro corridors provide smooth connectivity between Noida-Greater Noida region. With proposed corridors and extensions planned by the government, it will ensure excellent commuting for residents. That is why the prices of real estate like plots in Jewar Airport are increasing with time.

3- Industrial Corridor- The Uttar Pradesh Government has strategically planned the development of industrial corridors, attracting many industries and businesses to set up their units in the region. 

This will promote economic growth and also create more demand for commercial plots in Jewar Airport and residential projects near Jewar Airport. 

4- Night Safari- To boost tourism as well as foster the local economy, there’s also a proposed night safari. This will lead to the coming up of many new hospitality and tourism-related businesses that would directly benefit the real estate market. 

This boost will lead to players in the hospitality industry coming up with their ventures in the region thus leading to a positive demand for plots in Jewar Airport


All these developments along the Yamuna Expressway would boost micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, thus more commercial investments in the region. The increase in commercial investments would also boost job creation. 

This massive rise in commercial investments means more demand for living places, and thus a rapid need for more residential projects near Jewar Airport. Nowadays, people are preferring to stay near their workplaces to save travel time. This has led to a rapid rise in demand for Yamuna apartment in the region by working professionals. 

There are multiple investment opportunities by various developers when it comes to apartments, plots or residential spaces. It becomes quite a task to choose which one is the best in terms of returns on investments and value appreciation. 

Get in touch with us to avoid the hassles of property buying and our experts will guide you through the best properties to invest in as per your budget and needs. 

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