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Lifeguard License In Dubai: Requirement, Criteria And Cost

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Dubai has many beautiful beaches, hotel pools, and water parks that need lifeguards to keep people safe. To work as a lifeguard in Dubai, you need to get certified and licensed from recognized training places. This article will tell you about the steps, from meeting requirements to learning the course, costs, and how to renew your license.

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Requirements and Eligibility Criteria:

First, you need to be a good swimmer. You’ll have to show this by swimming and treading water for two minutes using just your legs. Usually, you should be 18 or older and fit enough to perform rescue moves. If you’re not from Dubai, you need a UAE residence visa. Sometimes, extra approval from authorities is needed.

Authorized Training Centers in Dubai:

Dubai Municipality approves lifeguard training courses. Places like International Academy, Lifeguard Academy, Respect School, Transguard Group, and Vilafort are certified. These centers have experienced teachers and places for learning and practicing, like indoor and outdoor pools.

Course Structure and Skills Development:

The courses take 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the level. You’ll learn from presentations and manuals about things like the human body, rescue techniques, first aid, laws, and pool upkeep. You’ll also practice physical skills like fitness. You’ll learn to recognize when someone needs help. You’ll use equipment safely and learn to rescue. You’ll also use spineboards and practice CPR.

Testing Parameters:

To get your license, you must pass tests on both knowledge and skills. This includes handling real-life-like emergencies, saving people in water, lifting them out of pools safely, and giving first aid and CPR.

Costs Involved:

The cost varies but is usually between AED 2500 and 3500, depending on the course and center. This covers registration, learning materials, using the facilities and equipment, testing, and getting your license. It usually doesn’t include staying and traveling costs. People from other countries should also think about insurance, visas, and living expenses.

Renewal Procedures:

Your license is good for 2 to 3 years. To renew it, you need a shorter course at any approved center in Dubai. This course updates your skills. The renewal fee is AED 210. Start renewing at least a month before your license expires.


In Dubai, becoming a lifeguard is a satisfying but difficult job that requires a mix of physical health, sharp awareness, and technology know-how. The journey starts with meeting the standards, which include being a good swimmer and being of the right age and health. For people who don’t live in the UAE, getting a residence visa is very important. Dubai is famous for its beautiful beaches, high-end hotel pools, and exciting water parks. It also has many approved training places, such as the International Academy and the Lifeguard Academy. These places offer long-term classes that last between 2 and 12 weeks and cover important topics like how to do rescues, give first aid, deal with the law, and take care of pools. Lifeguards are well-prepared for real-life situations because they get a lot of hands-on training in exercise, using safety tools, CPR, and how to handle emergencies. 

The last step in getting certified is to take a tough test that looks at both your academic information and your actual skills. Certification costs a range of amounts, usually between AED 2500 and 3500. It is an investment in the professional growth of a lifeguard. This license needs to be renewed every two to three years. There is a shorter course and a fee of AED 210, which makes sure that lifeguards keep their skills and knowledge up to date. As a lifeguard in Dubai, you are responsible for making sure other people are safe, and your job is both difficult and rewarding, especially in such a lively city.


What are the prerequisites for becoming a lifeguard in Dubai? 

To be a lifeguard in Dubai, you need to be a strong swimmer, usually 18 years of age or older, in good physical shape, and have a UAE residence visa if you’re not a local.

Where can I get lifeguard training in Dubai? 

Lifeguard training in Dubai is offered at authorized centers like International Academy, Lifeguard Academy, and others approved by Dubai Municipality, providing both theoretical and practical training.

How long does the lifeguard training course take? 

The lifeguard training course duration varies from 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the level and content, covering rescue techniques, first aid, laws, pool maintenance, and physical fitness.

What is the cost of lifeguard certification in Dubai? 

The cost for lifeguard certification in Dubai typically ranges between AED 2500 and 3500, covering course materials, facility usage, testing, and licensing fees.

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