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Where to Live in Plymouth (United Kingdom) as a Student?

Live in Plymouth

Plymouth is a port city in Devon England and is a significant place for various reasons. One of the major things for which it is important is higher education. Students from around the world visit Plymouth to get higher education.

Three universities are based in Plymouth, which provide world-class education to native and overseas students. The names of these universities are the University of Plymouth, the Arts University Plymouth, and the University of St Mark & St John.

When international students enroll in any of the universities or colleges in Plymouth, a place to stay happens to be their pivotal requirement. So, the question that is often asked by many overseas students is where to live in Plymouth.

There are ample accommodations for international students who visit Plymouth to complete their education after their schooling or graduation. On-campus accommodations are chosen by some students, which are the accommodations offered by universities or colleges.

But, many students want freedom, so they want private accommodations in Plymouth. There are two types of private accommodations: accommodations in student housing properties and private apartments. You can read about these two types in the details given below:

Private Student Accommodation Plymouth (United Kingdom)

These days, PBSA properties are active in providing private best student accommodation in Plymouth (United Kingdom). PBSA is an acronym for Purpose-Built Student Accommodation and it is a type of housing property that is prepared by the private developers as per the requirements of students. In these properties, you can find different variants of accommodations.

Plymouth majorly comprises studios, apartments, and ensuite rooms for students. Ensuite student rooms Plymouth (United Kingdom) are available for students who want their private spaces. These types of rooms are equipped with attached bathrooms but residents are required to use the common kitchens and living rooms/areas.

Studios are the units where you find a big space with a private kitchen, living area, and bathroom. You can find single-occupancy and double-occupancy studios and you can either stay alone or with a housemate.

Bedrooms can be booked in the best student apartments in Plymouth (United Kingdom) by one or two students. A bedroom may have an attached bathroom or there may be shared bathrooms in an apartment. Kitchens and living rooms are shared by all the residents of apartments in Plymouth.

These student housing properties in Plymouth comprise various amenities for different aspects of students’ lives such as studies, fun, fitness, dining, comfort, and more.

Private Apartments

Private apartments are general apartments where students can either rent a room or they can rent a full apartment. If you have a high budget then you can choose to rent a complete apartment. If you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation then renting a room in a private apartment is the right option for you.

Since these apartments are not specially made according to the requirements of students, they have a few arrangements and some general amenities. You may have to arrange some of the things on your own.

Plymouth Accommodation to Rent (United Kingdom)

In student housing Plymouth (United Kingdom), there are numerous properties where you can get accommodation with several amenities. Here are some of them where you can find accommodation for rent. You can also read about a few amenities available inside them.

St Thomas Court: Study desk and chair, Wi-Fi, cooking hob, microwave, fridge, wardrobe, common area, and laundry room.

Central Point: Games area, table tennis, pool table, foosball table, study desk and chair, Wi-Fi, kitchen equipment, common area, bicycle storage space, and social events.

St Augustine’s House: Study desk & chair, Wi-Fi, games room with pool table, meeting room, common area, cooking hob, microwave, fridge, and smart TV.

iQ Astor House: Study desk & chair, study room, Wi-Fi, games room, cinema, social space, sky lounge, dining area, bicycle storage space, and smart TV.

These are just and few names; several other student housing properties are available in Plymouth where you can rent accommodation. You can also find more amenities in the properties mentioned above. 

Besides, you can also find private apartments in several areas in Plymouth such as Royal William Yard, Brownlow Street, Emma Place, North Road West, etc.


You can find a private student accommodation or a private apartment in Plymouth easily via some online student accommodation service platforms.

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