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New Dubai restaurants to visit in 2023

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Dubai restaurants

Dubai restaurants to try in 2023

1. Signor Sassi

Signor sassi

For a stylish Italian meal, go to Signor Sassi in St. Regis Gardens, Palm Jumeirah. The venue has been around since 1984 and aims to describe its experience with “Sassi style,” which is a mix of tradition and new ideas. The villas on Lake Como inspired the interior, which has hand-painted vases, intricate Italian details, and an open plan with lots of greenery. A beautiful olive tree flown in from Puglia makes it stand out.

Experience the opulence of Italian cuisine at Signor Sassi.

The menu effectively encompasses the fundamental elements of Italian gastronomy, featuring a diverse selection ranging from delectable lobster preparations to an extravagant assortment of seafood delicacies, while also catering to the dietary preferences of vegetarians and pescatarians. The menu highlights notable culinary offerings such as spaghettini lobster and veal Milanese, alongside a selection of delectable desserts like homemade tiramisu and pistachio gelato.

The presence of an outside terrace and fountain provides a pleasant dining atmosphere in an open-air setting. On top of that, Signor Sassi offers a disc jockey from Thursday through Saturday along with sporadic live performances.

FOOD & DRINK Dubai restaurants

The Citronelle Club

The citronelle club

The Citronelle Club is in SO/Uptown Dubai and serves a mix of Asian and French cuisines. The restaurant wants to offer a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure that honors Asia’s culture history. The venue is surrounded by “Mígong maze” walls and has open kitchens and live cooking areas that make the dining experience more immersive. The artwork on the walls, which includes koi fish and dragons as Asian symbols, goes well with the maze-like plan.

FOOD & DRINK Dubai restaurants

Row on 45

Row on 45

This fine dining idea at City Social was created by the famous chef Jason Atherton. It has a luxury penthouse-style setting and can accommodate up to 22 guests. The evening is broken up into three parts. Appetizers are served in the lounge first, then in the main dining room with a state-of-the-art show kitchen. The 17-course haute cuisine meal shows Atherton’s love of cooking and ingredients from around the world, and each course comes with a chef’s commentary.

FOOD & DRINK Dubai restaurants

Eugène Eugène

Eugène eugène

Eugène Eugène is a secret oasis of nature inside the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. It is a stylish brasserie filled with leafy decor. This beautiful garden used to be the hotel’s tennis court and is now a beautiful restaurant. A green marble bar, rattan furniture, and a cozy conservatory make the room feel both casual and high-class. During the day, natural light flows through the open area and bounces off the plants. At night, the restaurant feels like a mysterious secret garden.

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