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Optimize Your Fleet With Advanced Driver Monitoring System

Advanced Driver Monitoring System

The driver monitoring system is designed to enhance vehicle safety by monitoring the driver’s alertness and overall driving behavior. This software works using an advanced camera system, AI, and cutting-edge tracking algorithms to identify any signs of distraction, fatigue, or impaired driving such as drunk or drowsy driving. 

The system functions by using an infrared camera that “looks” at the driver to monitor whether they are focused on the road. Advanced algorithms processing the image data determine if the driver’s eye movement or blinks are indicative of being drowsy or distracted, and monitor the orientation of their head to see if they’re paying attention to the road.

How Advanced Driver Monitoring System Solutions Can Help Your Fleet

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) uses various technologies such as radar, cameras, and sensors to monitor driver behavior or identify potential risks that could lead to accidents. In practical terms, this means scrutinizing various activities or lack thereof by drivers like the absence of hands on the wheel, signs of drowsiness, absence from the cabin, distractions, or dashcam obstruction.

  1. No Hands on The Wheel: The DMS can monitor if a driver has their hands off the steering wheel for an extended period. In a hypothetical everyday scenario, a driver is trying to navigate a fast food meal while driving. The DMS would alert the driver to keep both hands back on the wheel. 
  2. Signs of Drowsiness: DMS often utilizes infrared sensors or cameras to track eye movement patterns that typically indicate drowsiness. If a driver is frequently blinking or closing their eyes, the system may deduce that they are feeling tired. For example, a long-haul truck driver may be pushing their limits to make a deadline and start showing signs of fatigue. The DMS could detect this and alert the driver to stop and rest.
  3. Absence from the Cabin: DMS can also detect if the driver is absent from the cabin. For instance, a delivery person leaves their vehicle running while making a delivery, and a child accidentally shifts the vehicle into gear. The DMS system would detect the absence of the driver and could potentially halt the vehicle.
  4. Distracted Driving: DMS can detect indications of distracted driving such as a driver looking away from the road, frequent head movement, or erratic driving behavior. If a parent is turning around to check on their children in the back seat, the DMS would detect this lack of attention to the road and alert the driver.
  5. Blocking of The Dashcam: In the case of a driver intentionally blocking the dashcam, the DMS system would detect this action too. The system could be set up to give a warning to the driver to unblock it. If the driver is doing it to hide fraudulent activity, such as a taxi driver taking a longer route to overcharge a passenger, the alert could serve as evidence of such behavior.

Reasons to Choose the Best Advanced Driver Monitoring System

A real-time driving and fleet tracking system is vital in monitoring driver behavior, ensuring safety, and reducing distraction-based accidents. This technology collects various types of data for analysis and monitoring, giving fleet managers a comprehensive view of each driver’s behavior, ability, and adherence to safety rules. 

  1. Monitoring Driver Behavior: An intelligent tracking system such as Trackobit constantly analyzes the driver’s behavior, such as speeding, taking sharp turns, hard braking, and more. It pinpoints potential areas of concern so that appropriate training or disciplinary action can be taken. 
  2. Reducing Distraction-Based Accidents: Distraction is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Real-time tracking systems often come equipped with alerts for rash driving, thereby urging the driver to maintain concentration on the road. These systems can also monitor if a driver is excessively using their phone.

3) Vehicle health: Regular updates about engine health, battery status, tire condition, etc., can prevent sudden breakdowns. If the monitoring system reveals that it needs new brakes, the fleet manager can schedule maintenance before a serious problem develops.

4) Safety: In real-time, each vehicle’s speed, location, and direction are tracked. This can help in emergencies. For instance, if a bus carrying tourists in a remote area breaks down, the monitoring system would alert the company in real time, so help could arrive ASAP.

5) Reporting and Analysis: Since the tracking system gathers comprehensive data, it can also be used to generate detailed reports. These reports provide insights into driver behavior, areas of strength and improvement, and other valuable information. 

6) Encouraging Accountability: This software can encourage drivers to stay accountable for their actions. Knowing they are being monitored can bring about a psychological change, fostering safer driving habits and reducing distractions on the road.

  1. Driver Training: It identifies the habits that lead to distractions and potential accidents, the tracking system can be used to train drivers effectively and improve their skill set, ensuring they take precautionary measures while driving.

Before You Go!

With the integration of advanced tech such as the driver monitoring system by TrackoBit in fleet management, we can significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries, making roads safer for everyone. 

Not only will this software save lives, but it will also bring good operational efficiency, reducing insurance premiums and vehicle repair and maintenance costs due to fewer accidents. In essence, DMS is an excellent example of how advanced technology can be leveraged to make driving safer and more efficient.

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