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No Upcoming Passport Stamping for a Schengen visa

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Schengen Visa Passport Stamping Updates

According to a senior official, the Schengen area is creating a new central system for foreign visitors’ admission and exit that will do away with the requirement for visa stamps on passports.

As a result, the European nations will be able to examine their citizens who go outside the continent with greater attention.

A top official announced on Tuesday that the schengen visa area is creating a new central entry and departure system for travelers from other nations that will do away with the necessity for visa stamping on the passport.

This will enable the European nations to examine their citizens who will travel from outside the area with greater scrutiny.

Stamping for a schengen visa
stamping for a schengen visa

“To track each admission into the Schengen regions, a new entry and departure system is being built for Passport Stamping for Schengen visa. Its purpose is to make sure that we are more aware of who is visiting us. To make sure we are speaking about the proper individual, there will be a collection of biometric and face scans at the borders, according to Francois Laruelle, director of Frontex’s European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) Division.

The automatic registration at the entry and exit system will take the place of passport stamping, he continued. Additionally, he added, border guards are required to confirm that the biometric data being stored in the system belongs to the person in front of them and not someone else.

On Tuesday in Dubai, Laruelle gave a keynote speech at the Global Conference on Shaping Future Policies of Ports. The meeting was attended by a large number of senior immigration and schengen visa authorities from the UAE, Singapore, the US, and Europe.

As they will have access to some data under the entry and exit system, the airlines will be responsible for determining whether a passenger is authorized to enter Europe.

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