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Rain and hail in the UAE during the next three days.

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Rain and hail in the UAE during the next three days.
Rain and hail in the UAE during the next three days.

An official of the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has stated that rain is anticipated to begin today in some areas of the nation. Along with the rain, some people might possibly witness hail.

Residents are being warned about potential thunderstorms that could hit the nation through Saturday by the Met department’s weather advisory.

Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Fujairah are among the regions that could get rain in the upcoming days, a top NCM official told Khaleej Times.According to Dr. Ahmed Habib of the NCM, convective clouds are forming in the country’s east and are expected to extend into Fujairah, Sharjah, and between Al Ain and Dubai. These areas will experience rain in some areas.

Heavy rain and possibly hail in places like Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi) will define this.

Some residents of the UAE experienced a dramatic change in the weather last weekend, going from clear summer days to a period of heavy rain and strong winds.The bad weather had an effect on Dubai’s Emirates Road, Al Marmoom, Deira, Al Qudra, and Al Barari. Al Hiyar and Al Shiwayb in Al Ain also saw rain.

We frequently experience the effects of the Indian monsoon during this time of year. This effect has therefore spread to include our territories. This effect fluctuates between being powerful and weak, but it was strong last weekend. We anticipate similar waves moving in the direction of the East throughout the upcoming weekend,” said Habib.

The official advised citizens to stay away from valleys in the upcoming days, especially today, as a downpour could cause floods due to the unstable weather that is predicted.

The valleys should be avoided, especially now. People need to take caution. Near the mountains, rain is anticipated. Floods could occur as well, Habib continued.

The Interior Ministry published strict guidelines in May regarding what may and cannot be done while it rains or is stormy outside. In these circumstances, people are not permitted to congregate near or access flooded valleys or dams.

Currently, doing so carries penalties including up to Dh2,000 in fines, 23 black points, and a two-month vehicle impoundment.

The UAE expects summertime highs of 47°C, while Abu Dhabi and Dubai forecast to see a maximum of 43°C. Tuesday around 2:30 pm, Hamim (Al Dhafra Region) registered the nation’s maximum temperature of 48.6°C.

In some western coastal areas, Thursday morning will be humid, which could result in the creation of mist.

The presence of convective clouds is expected to cause winds to periodically become strong and fluctuate between being fresh and moderate. Dust and sand could be blown by these clouds, reducing horizontal visibility. In addition, wave heights will likely be mild to moderate throughout the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.

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