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Renew your Emirates ID and Avoid suspension through app

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Emirates ID

Receive an SMS notification from Virgin Mobile on your cellular device, which promptes you to update the Emirates ID information associated with your mobile number. According to the telecom operator, if the process is not completed within a 60-day timeframe, there is a possibility of service suspension.

Coincidentally, I recently underwent the process of renewing my resident visa and Emirates ID, which consequently required me to update my documents with both my bank and telecom provider. However, it is important to note that this request is not limited to Virgin Mobile alone. The two other prominent telecommunications companies in the UAE, namely Etisalat and Du, have also been actively encouraging their customers to promptly update their expired Emirates ID information.

The United Arab Emirates’ government mandates the maintenance and verification of a valid Emirates ID. According to the official website of Etisalat, the non-renewal of a subscription can lead to the suspension and disconnection of associated mobile numbers and accounts. Additionally, it is recommended that users promptly update their information upon receiving their Emirates ID in order to prevent any potential service disruptions or disconnections.

This document outlines a systematic procedure for updating Emirates ID information with the three primary telecommunications service providers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), namely Etisalat, du, and Virgin.

This inquiry pertains to the process of updating an individual’s Emirates ID on the Etisalat platform.

Prior to initiating the process of document upgrading, it is important for the customer to possess the following prerequisites: In order to access the services provided by the UAE PASS app, it is imperative for customers to possess a verified account on the app as well as a valid Emirates ID (EID) that is registered on the UAE PASS platform.

Process through Website

  • Access the Etisalat website by utilizing the UAE PASS authentication method.
  • To access the mobile registration renewal’ page, users can navigate to it through the ‘My Account’ menu, or alternatively, they can click on the ‘Mobile Registration Renewal’ link located in the fast links area of the site.
  • Please provide digital copies of both the front and back sides of your Emirates ID card.
  • The identification information will be automatically populated into the designated fields. Please ensure the accuracy of the details and proceed to submit the form in order to finalize the procedure.

Process through Application

  • To get the My Etisalat UAE application, please proceed with the download process.
  • Access the application by providing your designated username and password, or alternatively, utilize the UAE PASS authentication method.
  • To initiate the update process, navigate to the home screen and select the ‘update immediately’ option. Alternatively, you can access your profile and choose the ‘update my Emirates ID’ option.
  • Please proceed by selecting the option “Continue with UAE Pass” and then choose the specific accounts that you wish to update. Accounts that have not been selected will be deactivated.
  • Please select the option labeled ‘Continue with UAE Pass’. An authentication request will be transmitted to the UAE Pass application.
  • Grant the request made on the UAE Pass application.
  • Grant permission and authorize the exchange of documents on the UAE Pass application.
  • Please provide your mobile number and email ID in order to complete the registration process on the My Etisalat App.
  • Consent to the stipulations and provisions outlined in the terms and conditions, and proceed with the act of submitting.

How to update Emirates ID on du mobile network

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There exist three distinct methods via which one may proceed to update their Emirates ID within the context of du. The task can be accomplished through various means, including accessing the du website online, utilizing the official du mobile applications, or physically visiting a du store.

Process Through Website

  • To initiate the process of updating the identification, please locate and select the ‘Update ID’ option located in the top-right section of the navigation bar.
  • Please provide your login credentials. In the event that an individual does not possess an existing account, it is important to engage in the registration process in order to establish a new account.
  • Upon accessing your du account, a comprehensive list of all the numerical data linked to your account will be displayed. Please select a number to update your Emirates ID, after which you will be provided with a verification code.
  • Please input the code.
  • Please provide a scanned or digital copy of your Emirates ID for submission.
  • Please verify the accuracy of your Emirates ID information and proceed with the selection of your preferred number.
  • Please indicate your consent to the terms and conditions by selecting the ‘submit’ button.
  • Upon the completion of these processes, a reference number will be provided.

Process Through App

Ensure that you have both the UAE Pass application and the du application installed on your mobile device.

  • To ensure the preparedness of the documents, users are advised to access the ‘Add Documents’ feature on the UAE Pass application. Next, choose the option labeled ‘Emirates ID card’. Please provide confirmation of your consent.
  • Close the UAE Pass application and proceed to open the du application.
  1. To initiate the process of updating identification information, navigate to the central menu and choose the option labeled ‘Update ID’. Proceed by selecting the corresponding number(s) that correspond to the identification details you wish to modify.
  2. Please click on the icon labeled ‘proceed with UAE Pass’.
  3. Please verify the authentication request for the du App using the UAE Pass app.
  4. Please provide your approval for the exchange of documents.
  5. Please adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.
  6. The user will receive a notification regarding the successful update of their Emirates ID within a period of 48 hours.

Process Through Stores

You can also get your Emirates ID updated at a du store. Make sure you have all of the necessary documentation, such as your Emirates ID card and passport.

How to Update Your Virgin ID

If you need to update your Emirates ID or Passport, go to the nearest kiosk or Virgin Megastore. Ensure that the ID is yours, and that you are physically present in the UAE in order to update your ID and passport.

The update option in the Virgin mobile app is currently unavailable. Although there is a section dedicated to this purpose, it will eventually lead you to a notice advising you to visit a real store.

Emirates id update on virgin network
All customers must have a valid id as per telecommunications and digital government regulatory authority (tdra) regulations whether they are a uae resident or a uae national.

Customers must have a valid ID under TDRA laws, whether they are UAE residents or nationals.


  • Avoid suspension by updating your Emirates ID with your new one within 60 days of expiration. You’ll lose your plan and wallet balance if you don’t update your Emirates ID after the grace period.
  • If you miss the 60 days, you’ll have 30 days to receive calls/SMS but not make, send, or utilize data.
  • Your line will be suspended, but you have 12 months to update your ID to reactivate your account and number. Without a new ID within 12 months, your number will be disconnected.
  • Emirates ID updates are available in du stores. Be sure to bring your Emirates ID card and passport.
  • Virgin ID update instructions
  • Visit the nearest kiosk or Virgin Megastore to update your Emirates ID or Passport. You must be in the UAE to update your ID and passport.
  • Updates are unavailable in the Virgin mobile app. There is a section for this, but it leads to a notice to visit a store.

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