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Roehampton University: Inspiring Minds, Enriching Lives

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Roehampton institution is a well-known institution in London, England. This university, which began as a teacher training college in the 1840s, has a rich history and an international reputation for quality in higher education. With a magnificent site of over 54 acres of parkland in Roehampton, it offers its students a calm, comfortable study environment. There are numerous study programmes accessible here. Students can choose from a variety of subjects, including humanities, social sciences, business, and sciences. It also offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as research opportunities for those looking to enhance their studies.

With a student-centered focus on learning, it provides a welcoming and inclusive environment in which students can explore their interests and realise their full potential. This university is also concerned with the quality of its teaching and learning. It is well-known for its dedicated and experienced faculty members who are specialists in their fields. The teaching team at Roehampton University is committed to providing a high level of education through engaging students through vibrant and creative teaching strategies.

Courses Available

BA (single honours) Dance

Our BA Dance course provides a unique and wide curriculum taught by renowned artists and educators in their fields, and it serves as an excellent foundation for you to succeed in your career in dance and the arts. You will participate in a comprehensive study of dance, including theory and practise, in a dynamic, connected group.

BA (with honours) Design for the Internet

This course covers communication design through typography, images, and message, as well as craft and digital skills centred on typography, graphics, and user experience/interfaces (UX/UI), as well as the concept of social design: using data as raw material for design and the ethos of “design for good.”

MA in Music Therapy

By integrating their abilities, education, and other life experiences, the Music Therapy course prepares competent, practising musicians for therapy careers. After finishing the programme, graduates are eligible to apply to the HCPC for registration, giving them the opportunity and flexibility to practise in the NHS, social work education, or the private sector.

Bachelor of Science (single honours) Psychological Therapy

Our BSc Therapeutic Psychology programme incorporates our well-known counselling, psychology, mental health, and therapeutic training skills. There is also the possibility of a one-year paid work placement. If you wish to work in counselling or psychotherapy, this is a good place to start.

Master of Science in Digital Marketing

This MSc in Digital Marketing will educate you how to conduct socially responsible digital marketing. This course will also cover web design, content creation, campaign development, and data analysis, all while employing a range of approaches and digital technologies.

Sport and Exercise Sciences BSc (Honours)

Sport and Exercise Science is divided into three major areas: physiology, biomechanics, and psychology. Our Sport and Exercise disciplines degree will teach you how to apply these disciplines to sport and exercise, as well as provide you with the opportunity to study other relevant subjects such as nutrition and health.

(Clinical Neuroscience) MSc/PGDip/PGCert

This programme is designed for students from a variety of backgrounds who want to pursue a career in neuroscience. You will have a broad understanding of current theory and ideas in brain research and neuroscience, as well as their applications in the treatment of brain disorders.

MRes (Cell Biology)

This master’s degree will provide you with advanced research training in the medical domains of cell biology and pathology through a personal lab-based research project.

MSc/PGDip/PGCert (Information Security)

This national-standards-aligned course will teach you about computer equipment and networks through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. This course is applicable and practical; you will learn by constructing more important and advanced items.

(Master of Arts in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Over many years, our advanced teaching team developed an integrated social approach to psychotherapy and counselling for the BACP-accredited degree. You will find it here. Investigate psychological processes and experiences from diverse perspectives, and get familiar with the theoretical, personal, and cultural assumptions that define your work.



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