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RTA begins supervised testing of self-driving vehicles

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RTA and Cruise worked together to make this testing of Cruise’s self-driving technology possible with a safety driver present. This comes after successful data collection and testing on closed test tracks.

RTA introduces self-driving vehicles

Also, Cruise has had a robotic ride-hailing service in the US since February 2022. Road and Transport Authority’s expert team recently took cruise rides in San Francisco, which showed that RTA has faith in Cruise’s technology.

The trial is also seen as a step toward Road and Transport Authority‘s strategic goals of making the experience of the first autonomous transportation in the MENA region a success. It will also raise Dubai’s status as an autonomous leader in the region, strengthen its position as a global leader in autonomous mobility, and support its plans to become the smartest city in the world. RTA’s goal to improve the health and safety of Dubai’s residents, tourists, and guests is in line with this project, which calls for investments in smart mobility and the use of advanced technologies.

Rta begins supervised testing of self-driving vehicles

Cruise will test the safety and performance of Cruise AVs that can drive themselves in Dubai. They will also make sure that the AVs’ needs can be met by the city’s digital and physical infrastructure in the Jumeirah 1 target area.

During tests and demos, the team will also work on making the self-driving technology work better. This will show how mature Cruise’s vehicles are, especially in Dubai’s busiest traffic situations. In the beginning stages of the Dubai road tests of Cruise self-driving cars, a safety driver will be behind the wheel.

During the same time period, they made history by giving Dubai its first permission to test autonomous vehicles (AV). Cruise was officially given the trial permit. RTA and Cruise have an understanding to work together to use self-driving cars for taxi and e-hailing services in the emirate of Dubai in the future.

In order to reach the goal set by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai, to make 25% of trips autonomous by 2030, RTA is committed to putting in place the highest standards and a full system that will allow autonomous taxis to operate safely in Dubai in the coming years.

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