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Schengen visas by German Embassy in India to speed up.

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Schengen visas by German Embassy in India to speed up.
Schengen visas by German Embassy in India to speed up.

Indian nationals requesting a German Schengen visa will now receive the paperwork more quickly because to a shorter processing period.

Georg Enzweiler, the German Embassy in India’s deputy head of mission, reportedly told the Times of India that the processing time has been shortened to eight weeks.

“We have significantly increased our team in Mumbai, and I believe that the waiting time has decreased significantly. Currently, we are around eight weeks in. Since it is obviously what we want, we aim to improve in that area, Enzweiler stated during a news conference.

Enzweiler added that the German Embassy would keep working harder to reduce processing times, according to SchengenVisaInfo.com.

He also emphasized that system upgrades are more than necessary and that one of the country’s aims is to draw more visitors from India.

“We are thrilled to see an increase in Indian tourists visiting Germany. One of our objectives is to increase the number of Indian visitors to Germany, and we are working hard to manage the visa requests, Enzweiler continued.

The Times of India reports that in addition to the aforementioned, Enzweiler acknowledged the bureaucratic difficulties and suggested that steps need to be done to remedy the problem.

Additionally, he emphasized that they have already expanded the number of employees in Mumbai, indicating that applicants won’t have to wait as long as they did in the past.

Schengen visas by german embassy in india to speed up.
schengen visas by german embassy in india to speed up.

According to earlier reports from SchengenVisaInfo.com, 76,352 Indian citizens applied for German Schengen visas in 2022, paying a total of more than €6.1 million in application fees.

According to data from the Schengen Visa Statistics, a total of €4.4 million in visa costs were paid at the Mumbai consulate. Following closely behind were the consulates in Bangalore and New Delhi, which spent €508,000 and €1.1 million on German Schengen visa application costs, respectively.

Since India and the EU have not yet finalized a visa-free travel agreement, all of its nationals must apply for a visa before traveling to Germany or any other Schengen nation.

Indian applicants must present a number of documents when requesting a Germany Schengen visa.

They must send their passport, two photos, and a fully filled and signed visa application.

Indian citizens must also provide evidence of having made a round-trip reservation, financial capability, travel health insurance, and lodging reservations, among other things.

Source: Schengenvisainfo

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