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Service By Ahmad Haffar, dubbed “The Voice of Dubai”

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Service By Ahmad Haffar, dubbed The Voice of Dubai
Service By Ahmad Haffar, dubbed The Voice of Dubai

Ahmad Haffar, also known as “The Voice of Dubai,” has been signed by Service My Car, the first and biggest car repair platform in the UAE, to develop a sonic branding identity and manage numerous radio-focused marketing initiatives.

The iconic voice behind several well-known businesses, Ahmad, may not be well-known to the majority of Dubai residents, but they have undoubtedly heard him. Ahmad serves as the spokesperson for several of the top companies in the region, including Emirates, Majid al Futtaim Group, Etisalat, and, as of late, Service My Car. He also speaks for Dubai Metro and Dubai Expo 2020. He has acquired the title of “The Voice of Dubai” with due diligence thanks to his talent as a voiceover artist and musician as well as his work with some of the major businesses and organizations in the area.

“Because I’m very involved in UAE media culture, I like to collaborate with companies that represent the ease, safety, and convenience of the nation. Service My Car has been in the forefront of providing those ideals in a sector like vehicle maintenance. I’m eager to collaborate with them on their recently launched sonic branch and assist in the execution of their radio and digital campaigns because they’ve always been innovative with their marketing and branding initiatives, said Ahmad Haffar, the “Voice of Dubai.”

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After several years of using a digital and OOH-focused marketing strategy, Service My Car has now established a sonic branding identity and radio-focused marketing methods. Service My Car had deliberately positioned billboards in high-traffic areas as recently as last year.

We’ve always been creative in our marketing approaches, moving from a concentration on digital marketing to OOH advertising, and now we’re excited to investigate the field of sound branding and advertising. We feel that adding Ahmad’s musical touch to our well-known and instantly recognizable brand will propel Service My Car to new heights after carefully examining how our customers identify with us, said Ozair Puda, founder and CEO of Service My Car.

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Service My Car has partnered with Ahmad Haffar, dubbed “The Voice of Dubai,” and as a result, everyone can expect an obnoxious yet catchy new auditory branding identity as well as a radio-focused marketing strategy in the near future.

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