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Sharjah Sustainable City Reimagines Future

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Sharjah Sustainable City
  • A Sharjah-based initiative that is the first of its kind to convey the UAE’s climate neutrality vision and promotes a healthier lifestyle by embracing nature.
  • Sharjah Sustainable City, spanning 7.2 million square feet in Rahmaniyah, is designed to be powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

The Emirate of Sharjah has intensified endeavors to finalize its environmental and developmental undertakings and devise strategies for constructing sustainable cities that contribute to sustainable economic growth, foster environmentally friendly investments, and establish a pristine and healthy setting in alignment with the tenets of sustainable development.

The UAE will be the first nation in the Middle East and North Africa to attain climate neutrality and reduce carbon emissions by 2050, as the Sharjah Sustainable City initiative materializes the UAE’s objective of doing so.

Sharjah Sustainable City for future generations

The Sharjah Sustainable City vision aims to “re-engineer” contemporary cities so as to enhance the well-being of inhabitants, ensure the prosperity of the emirate’s youth, and prevent the undermining of the hopes and requirements of future generations while addressing the challenges of climate change through a balance between urban expansion and ecological considerations.

The Sharjah Sustainable City initiative, which was designed in accordance with internationally recognized standards for social, environmental, and economic sustainability, is being executed by Diamond Developers and the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in collaboration to construct a mixed-use residential complex of the highest caliber.

The residential development’s infrastructure and structures that are energy efficient are its greatest assets. Sharjah Sustainable City functions on renewable energy, with water and electricity bills that residents can save as much as 50%, generated by solar panels constructed with sustainable materials and highly efficient thermal designs. This enables the municipality to reduce operational expenses and utility costs.

To reduce carbon emissions, Sharjah Sustainable City intends to rely exclusively on energy sources with negative net emissions. The municipality intends to irrigate green spaces exclusively with treated wastewater and endeavors to recycle the maximum quantity of waste feasible via a biogas facility that converts organic waste into a valuable resource.

Practices of self-sufficiency and healthy health

The Sharjah Sustainable City will advocate for and commemorate the notion of self-reliance. It will produce vegetables that are chemical-free in their entirety. By fostering a culture that prioritizes sustainable transportation and sound health practices, it will facilitate the development of an exceptional, unified, and environmentally conscious community that contributes to the provision of remedies for an improved future.

Sharjah sustainable city reimagines future

Sharjah Sustainable City is dedicated to achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations across all dimensions (social, environmental, and economic). In addition to promoting an eco-friendly way of life, the city offers research and applied learning opportunities in a variety of sustainability disciplines.

Sharjah Sustainable City, situated in the Rahmaniyah region, encompasses an expansive area of 7.2 million square feet and advocates for a way of living that is in harmony with the demands of the future. It consists of 1,250 eco-friendly villas, each measuring between 2,035 and 3,818 square feet and distributed across four phases. The municipality possesses the necessary infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

The city features every facility and amenity of a contemporary metropolis of international caliber, including children’s parks and playgrounds, indoor and outdoor fitness centers, swimming pools, paths for walking and cycling, numerous environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and community education initiatives.

Green Houses

Sharjah Sustainable City depends, to some degree, on farmhouses referred to as “green houses” that harness solar energy and cultivate chemical-free vegetables. Agricultural facilities are also encompassed within the scope of food security initiatives.

The sustainable housing initiative is consistent with the nation’s endeavors to integrate water, energy, and food, as it preserves natural resources and offers workable solutions for water and energy conservation and food security.

The instances of sustainable cities in other regions exemplify their capacity to foster social inclusion, facilitate high-quality education, create sustainable employment opportunities, and contribute to the construction of a more sustainable future for future generations—one that maintains an ecological equilibrium between social and economic progress.

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