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Sorry looking Trafalgar Christmas tree unfurls bare patch

The famous Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, which was slammed for looking unsightly on arrival, has finally unfurled its branches to cover its bare patches.

The 62-ft tree was greeted by unimpressed onlookers when it arrived in the square yesterday from Norway News Today with some saying it looked ‘half dead’ and others calling to ‘send it back’.

The tree, which was grown in the Nordmarka forests just north of Oslo, was still a bit groggy after lying on its side while being shipped from Norway.

The branches on one side of the tree were tied to its trunk so it could be comfortably transported to London.

As a result, the tree needed some time to unfurl before returning to its true shape – as we all do after a long journey.

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square looking groggy before the branches were allowed to unfurl

Workers untie the branches from the trunk of the tree using a cherry picker

The tree has been spruced up after its long journey from Oslo, Norway all the way to one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions

Workers cut the branches lose from the trunk and used a cherry picker to reach the higher-up branches.

A spokesman for Westminster Council told MailOnline there will ‘always be a few Scrooges’ that poke fun at the tree.

He said: ‘People may have been too quick to judge the tree yesterday. It’s been on a long journey and once it had been given time for the branches to unfurl and settle it was looking back to its best.

‘There will always be a few scrooges online who poke fun at the tree but it’s a wonderful gift from the people of Norway and we are looking forward to Thursday’s switch on.’

The fir, which will be lit in a ceremony on December 7, was felled in Norway in late November, per tradition, before being shipped to one of the capital’s most iconic tourist locations.

A tree has been gifted by Norway every year since 1947, in recognition of the UK’s support during World War Two.

The gift began when Norway was invaded in 1940, and the King of Norway sought refuge in the UK and established the Norwegian government-in-exile.

LONDON: After some care by workers, who straightened out the branches, this year’s tree appeared much more festive

LONDON: Workers could be seen trying to straighten out the tree’s branches once it had been erected

After pictures emerged showing the tree being felled, keen-eyed fans were quick to point out that they hoped it was better than last year’s offering.

The 2022 tree was widely mocked by Londoners on social media after it appeared rather skinny and threadbare.

One person said: ‘They are taking the p**s that ain’t a Christmas tree. Well it is but it’s not what we expect. Send it back.’

Another joked: ‘At what point will they give up the pretence and just send us a log?’

Others questioned ‘why would they bring us a dead tree?’ and ‘Is it me or does it look quite dead?’

Social media users were also quick to joke Norway had only delivered ‘half the tree’.

Another seeing the more humorous side said: ‘Judging by the photos of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree being felled last week in Norway and arriving today, it’s been transported as hand luggage on Ryanair.’

WEST MIDLANDS: Elsewhere, locals have blasted ‘Scrooge’ Walsall Council for its ‘Shabby’ Christmas Tree near to St Paul’s Bus Station, which has had barely any lights put on it in a bid to save cash

Those on social media were quick to poke fun at the tree in Trafalgar Square that was revealed today

The disappointing reveal comes just days after other residents in multiple towns across the UK have slammed local councils for unveiling some of the saddest looking evergreens ahead of the festive season.

In March, Cambridgeshire, locals slammed the town’s wonky tree, calling the loosely decorated tree ’embarrassing’ and comparing it to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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