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Stock Market In UAE: How To Buy Stocks In UAE – Guide

Buy Stocks In UAE

In recent times, more and more people are becoming interested in understanding the UAE Stock Market. The reason behind growing this interest is because people desire to make smart investment choices, and this habit is expected to be continued in 2023. The ups and downs of the market in 2022 have created good opportunities for beginners to start their investment journey.

Stocks are engaging because of one thing which is they have the ability to earn a lot of money. For example, the S&P 500 Index, which keeps an eye on the performance of the top 500 stocks in the US which really grew by a lot like approximately 106.80% in the last five years, giving an average yearly return of 21.36%. 

In comparison, the best return on savings accounts in the UAE about every year is just 1.75%, and a 50-year treasury bond gives 2.7%. Some people still prefer real estate, but it only gives a gross yield of 8.32% in the property market. Looking at these differences, it’s easy to see why more and more new investors are getting engaged in the UAE Stock Market. Is this reason valuable? 

Let’s figure it out!

“Let’s first understand the UAE Stock Market to understand things better

UAE Stock Market:

Let us define stocks in simple words. When a company needs money, it converts its ownership into shares and sells them to the public. Investors purchase these shares to acquire ownership of the company’s assets.They plan to profit by receiving dividends or selling the shares at a better price.

The stock market is where people purchase and sell these shares. Buyers (investors purchasing shares), sellers (investors selling shares), and stockbrokers (middlemen connecting buyers and sellers) are the three key actors.

There are three major players: buyers (investors purchasing shares), sellers (investors selling shares), and stockbrokers (middlemen linking buyers and sellers).


There are two types of stock markets: the primary market, where companies sell their first shares, and the secondary market, where previously issued shares are purchased and sold. As an independent investor, you will be focused on the secondary market. 

UAE Stock Market Live Overview:

Most Active by Value:

  • Emaar: Value – AED 68,970,752.39, Volume – 9,804,767, Price – AED 7.080, Change – +0.010 (0.141%)
  • Emirates NBD: Value – AED 44,924,371.80, Volume – 2,510,181, Price – AED 17.900, Change – +0.050 (0.279%)
  • GulfNav: Value – AED 25,672,804.52, Volume – 3,657,189, Price – AED 7.060, Change – +0.030 (0.427%)

Most Active by Volume:

  • Emaar: Volume – 9,804,767
  • DEWA: Volume – 4,867,160
  • GulfNav: Volume – 3,657,189


  • Emaar Dev: Value – AED 12,448,817.86, Volume – 1,839,240, Price – AED 6.770, Change – +0.050 (0.733%)


  • DIB: Value – AED 11,890,576.83, Volume – 2,145,790, Price – AED 5.560, Change – +0.010 (0.180%)

This snapshot provides insights into the most active stocks, highest volume trades, gainers, and losers in the UAE stock market. By understanding these results you’ll get the information about the UAE stock market analysis. Hope it’s clear!

Now a question arises, “How Can I Invest In UAE Stock Market?” Listen, we’ve just understood the competitor’s of the stock market of UAE but there’s too many things left. Let’s first understand the main thing which is “what’s the procedure of buying stocks in UAE?” Let’s figure it out!

How To Buy Stocks in the UAE?

Now that you know what a stock market is, let’s talk about how to buy stocks in the UAE. In the old way, to buy stocks in any of the three UAE exchanges, you had to get an investor number (NIN) by filling out a form online or offline. Then, you’d sign up with a broker and start trading. But with Sarwa Trade, it’s easier.

They concentrate on the NYSE, the world’s largest exchange, which provides access to the most important companies in the world.To start buying stocks, just open a free account on the Sarwa Trade app. Once you have an account, you can buy and sell stocks and keep an eye on how your investments are doing. You can even buy fractions of a company’s share, not the whole thing. There are three types of orders you can make: Market order: 

This tells Sarwa Trade to buy or sell a certain amount of shares at the current price. Limit order: You set a specific price to sell or buy shares. Stop order: You tell the broker to buy or sell shares when the price hits a certain point. Then it becomes a market order, and the trade happens. 

Now has anyone noticed “why we should select the sarwa trade?

Why Select Sarwa Trade?

Sarwa Trade is the best option for simple investment. Let me show you how?

With no commission fees, it welcomes all investors, big or small. Your investments, whether 0 or ,000, are treated equally. Rest easy with top-notch security using SSL encryption. 

The mobile-friendly app ensures you can manage your portfolio effortlessly on the go. Sarwa Trade transforms UAE’s investment scene, making financial goals achievable for everyone, without cost, stress, or security worries.”


In short, the UAE stock market provides investors a great opportunity with the potential for enormous returns. The article explains the market’s dynamics, provides a live overview, and streamlines the process of purchasing stocks using Sarwa Trade. It promotes the ease of use and benefits of using Sarwa Trade for simple, secure, and commission-free investment, making financial objectives accessible for anyone.

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