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Student accommodation cost per week in Coventry

Student accommodation

Coventry is becoming more and more known as a top educational destination for students from around the world. Students from all over the world are drawn to the city because of its highly regarded universities, colleges, and higher education establishments, as well as its many alternatives for affordable student housing, its busy student life, and its affordability.

So, let us take you through the cost of living in Coventry as a student so you may better prepare for the journey ahead if you are thinking about studying abroad in Coventry, perhaps as an alternative to larger cities like Manchester or London! 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Coventry?

Coventry’s cost of living is somewhat less than the national average. Many people consider Coventry to be among the UK’s most reasonably priced cities for students. Coventry’s student housing and reasonably priced social scene are what make it appealing. Without tuition, a student’s monthly living expenses in Coventry normally fall between £1,070 and £1,382. This estimate takes into account necessary costs for student accommodation Coventry, food, travel, and other necessities. This range gives students in Coventry a ballpark estimate of how much money they should set aside each month for living expenses. 

Cost of Student Housing Coventry 

Coventry offers a wide range of possibilities for housing students close to the city’s esteemed academic institutions and universities. The type of housing, whether it’s a private let or PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation), the location, the length of stay, the kind of room, and the amenities provided all affect how much rent costs in Coventry. 

You should budget approximately £100 per week for rent for a single room in Coventry’s student housing. Certain room types, such as studios or en-suite rooms, maybe a little more expensive; this will also depend on the provider and the proximity of the lodging to the university campus. 

Tuition Costs

Coventry is home to several well-regarded universities and educational establishments with a stellar reputation that draws both domestic and foreign students with their exceptional education. Coventry University, Coventry College, the University of Warwick, and Henley College Coventry are some of these establishments. 

For overseas students, the typical tuition fees in the city start at about £15,000. Undergraduate degrees are more affordable than postgraduate degrees, while medical courses and degrees are more costly than other programmes. 

Transit and Travel 

Coventry offers a wide range of practical public transit alternatives, including numerous bus routes, making it quite easy to get around the city. 

Without accounting for the student discount, the typical bus ticket costs about £2.30, whereas a monthly pass would cost about £50. In addition, you can rent a car, ride a bike, call a cab, or walk across the city. 

Food and Dining Out

In Coventry, dining out tends to be a bit more pricey. A typical fast-food meal is anticipated to cost approximately £9, a restaurant dinner for two is approximately £50, and a typical midday meal is approximately £12. A cappuccino, for example, is about £3–£4. A soda costs about £2, while a beer is about £4-5.

Shopping for groceries

In Coventry, groceries must be included in your living expenses if you are a self-catered student. Depending on your demands, you should budget between £45 and £50 for food because they are frequently pricey. 

You can purchase cheese, milk, eggs, bread, pasta or rice of your choosing, steak or chicken, as well as any desired veggies and fruits, toilet paper, toothbrush, and hair shampoo, with this money. 

Urban Student Village- A luxurious yet affordable student housing option

Urban Student Village is a student housing facility located in Coventry that offers accommodations to students in close proximity to their own universities and institutions. Students can choose from a large variety of studios and suites with en suite bathrooms on the site. Each unit has a lockable door, central heating, a wardrobe, study space with a desk and chair, a half-double bed with under-bed storage and a private en suite bathroom with a power shower. Both private and shared kitchens often have a refrigerator and a microwave. 

During their stay, members at Urban Student Village Coventry can take advantage of a variety of facilities and services. These features include parking, bike storage, Wi-Fi, an on-site laundry room, and CCTV for safety and security.

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