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Enjoying Student Life in Dubai

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Student Life in Dubai

Student Life in Dubai has a lot to offer from around the world. With awesome universities, people from many cultures, and tons to do, Dubai is a top place for students. This guide talks about key services in Dubai for students, from schoolwork help to getting around town.

Help with Schoolwork

Doing well in school is so important as a student. Luckily, Dubai colleges give great help with schoolwork. Here are some services:

  • Tutoring & Study Groups – Get one-on-one tutoring or join study groups with classmates when coursework is hard. This helps you understand and get better grades.
  • Writing & Research Help – Improve your writing and research skills with personalized help at campus writing centers. Learn about citing sources, essay structure, and more.
  • Advising & Mentoring – Meet with academic advisors to take the right courses. Faculty mentors also provide great guidance for your professional and personal growth.
  • Test Prep – Prepare for big exams like TOEFL and GRE through prep classes that help you practice and learn test strategies.
  • Disability Help – Students with disabilities get accommodations like note-takers, special tech tools, and more time on assignments. This promotes equal opportunities.

Using these schoolwork services early on helps students transition smoothly, grasp tough coursework, and be successful in life.

Health Services about Student Life in Dubai

Caring for your physical and mental health is key when you have a busy student schedule. Dubai’s colleges and community offer excellent healthcare:

  • On-Campus Health Clinic – Most colleges have an on-campus health clinic for check-ups, counseling, minor illnesses, and more. Many offer free or low-cost services.
  • Health Insurance – International student health insurance through your college covers hospital visits and emergencies. Review your plan details.
  • Pharmacy & Medicine – On and off-campus pharmacies can fill prescriptions and offer basic medicines, first aid supplies, and vitamins.
  • Fitness Centers – Awesome, discounted fitness centers on campus make it easy to exercise and relieve stress. Group workout classes are available too.
  • Healthy Food – College cafeterias and eateries provide nutritious, diverse food options meeting dietary needs. Meal plans help students eat healthily.

Proactively caring for your wellness makes student life more fun while building healthy habits. Don’t forget self-care!

Getting Around Town

Figuring out a new city can be tricky. Dubai has lots of transportation choices to help students get around campus and town:

  • College Shuttle Buses – Shuttles conveniently take students between campus buildings and nearby housing. Schedules are posted.
  • Public Buses & Trains – Affordable metros, buses, and trams cover all of Dubai. Get a discounted student transit pass.
  • Taxis & Rideshares – Use taxis or Uber to easily get around town when needed. Great for airport rides or nights out.
  • Bike Sharing – Cheap bike sharing on campus is healthy and saves time getting around the college grounds.
  • Rental Cars – Rent a car for road trips and exploring the UAE on weekends/holidays. Ask about student discount rates.
  • Private Driving Service – Some colleges offer private car services to safely transport students for a fee. Helpful for important events.

Having reliable transportation makes daily student life so much simpler. Learn your options.

Student Jobs & Internships

Gaining work experience in Dubai can further enrich your student life. Here are great ways to work during college:

  • On-Campus Jobs – Work right on college grounds in the library, cafeteria, call center, tech support, or other roles. Very flexible for students.
  • Career Center – Find local and global internships, research gigs, and part-time jobs through campus job boards and career fairs.
  •  Student Work Permit – International students can obtain a work permit from their college for legal employment in Dubai. Get the required paperwork.
  • Tutoring – Tutor other students privately in your best subjects, like math or English. Earn money while sharpening your own skills.
  • Freelancing – Offer freelance services like writing, design, programming, or consulting online to clients worldwide. Build your resume.
  • Start a Student Business – Turn a hobby into a student business. Colleges offer resources like incubators and funding to help students start companies.

Having a part-time job or internship allows you to earn extra money, gain real-world experience, and grow your professional network while studying.

Key Points About Student Life in Dubai

Here are the main things to remember about student life in Dubai:

  • Awesome universities and diversity provide a rich learning setting
  • Many academic support services are available to help you succeed
  • Prioritize your health through student healthcare services
  • Transportation choices like public transit make getting around easy
  • Look into part-time work, internships, and starting a business to gain experience
  • Use every service and resource available to make the most of student life in Dubai!
  • With its exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle, top-notch amenities, and wealth of student services, Dubai is a premier place to launch your career and life as a global citizen. By actively seeking out support, you can excel in your studies and make lifelong memories. Student life in Dubai amazing future!


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