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When things were simple, students found every process of studying in Australia easy and convenient. But, with time rules and regulations change, some are strict, and others are easy. So, they complement each other in terms of pros and cons.

This is a general rule for any student who wants to study in Australia, there’s a requirement for the student visa which can be in various categories. The subclass 500 is one of the most popular among them, but again it will differ depending on the course and purpose of study.

What is included in the student visa before the changes?

So, with the old rules of student visas, you could come to Australia, study, and work here. You get 24 hrs a week to week during the time of your study in Australia. This visa is valid only for 5 years, so do not make the mistake of overstaying after its validity. You can always extend your visa if you want to stay longer in the country. The cost of the student visa fee will come to about 710 AUD.

Next, comes the requirements to get the visa: you need to be enrolled in the course in Australia, be 18 years and above, and have sufficient funds to live and pay your tuition and student accommodation in Brisbane or anywhere else in the country. And health insurance too!

With the effect of these new changes from 1 October 2023, it’s made things a bit difficult for students to meet the requirements.

New IELTS score

Before the new changes, students could come and study in Australia with a minimum bandwidth of 5.5, but with the new rules and regulations, you will need a 6.0 score for PG and UG. And, please take note of the strict scrutiny on reapplicants to study in Australia.

More relaxing working hours for students

With the pandemic that took a toll on everyone’s financial conditions, the students also suffered the most with no work while studying abroad. The government then relaxes the working hours for students from 20 hours to 40 hrs per fortnight cap during their time of study. So, this is good news and a big financial burden taken off the student’s shoulders.

Acceptance of educational degrees

For Indian students, this is great news and an opportunity to apply to universities in Australia. Now, Australian degrees are accepted in Indian universities and the Indian education degrees are accepted in Australian universities.

Temporary graduate visa

While for some degrees, it remained the same, and other changes may have been made. To be eligible for this visa, you need to be under 35 years of age.  For instance:

  • Bachelor’s Degree ( remains the same; 2 years)
  • Masters by coursework (reduced from 3 to 2 years)
  • Master by research (remains the same; 3 years)
  • PhD (reduced from 4 to 3 years)

Skills in demand visa changes to temporary skill shortage visa

If you get a job in skilled work, then you can get a 4-year Skills in Demand visa that can lead to getting a permanent visa in Australia.  So, with this visa, you can finally get to work in Australia. This is one of the best and easiest visa transitions for students to provide an opportunity to stay in Australia.

More priority on the subsequent entrant

Since the New Ministerial Direction came into effect, there have been efforts to process priorities on student guardian visas, So, in this type of visa, the dependents of the applicants who are known as the second applicants will be given the same priority as the primary ones. This makes it easier for those who are either guardians or even dependent on the applicants.

Funds and financial proofs

Whether you plan to study in Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, you will need to show financial proof. As you know the cost of living in any city differs and varies a lot. So, to meet the financial requirements, one must prove funds that the applicant can meet the living expenses in the country. You will need to have at least $24,505 in your bank account.

While some of the changes may be good some may have a slight effect on the students. Nevertheless, now that you have an update on the new rules and regulations of the student visa, you can clear all your doubts. If you seek to study in Australia, then make the application right away! Otherwise for those of you who are planning to apply for a student visa, hopefully, these updates will ease the process and give you some clarity on how to go about everything.

For more detailed information, always look into the official websites of the universities, Home Office, and immigration to make an easy submission of your application.

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