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The 6 Best Books Published In 2024

Books Published In 2024

Each year, dozens of book launches occur throughout the world and it is the same case even this year too. However, not each publication is reading-worthy and interesting enough to keep readers hooked till the last page. Your being here is a sign that you’re in search of a good one.

Whether you’re a bookworm or committing to your new year’s goal of reading more quality content, we’re here to help you out. We have reviewed some of the best books published in 2024. So, explore them to find out the one that resembles your reading goals for this year and get rolling with it!

6 Most Popular Books Published In 2024

Filterworld, By Kyle Chayka

Have you ever been in a situation where you interacted with a few sad or hilarious posts and now your entire feed is filled with them? Have you been in a situation where you communicated about buying a certain item offline or online via your phone and you received advertisements of the same product within a while? Experiencing such scenarios may be bizarre but it is gradually becoming the reality of life for countless tech users. Have you ever wondered how much algorithms control our lives?

Once you know the answer, you’ll feel shocked. So, read Filterworld to blow your mind and find out what you can do about AI’s algorithms. You will find out many insidious ways artificial intelligence has flattened out culture and restricted our lives. You will learn how to algorithm cleanse yourself and get back in touch with humanity.

The Storm We Made, By Vanessa Chan

The Storm We Made is Venessa Chan’s first publication that would take on the adventure of a Malaysian mother. Her life turns upside down when she becomes a spy for Japanese forces during World War II. This novel perfectly captures the anguish of a woman who feels utterly helpless. Chan’s thought-provoking debut is full of rich and multi-layered narrative. If you also want to share your stimulating manuscript with thriller lovers, collaborate with a reliable and professional book publisher in UAE.

Beauty and, By Marie-Helene Bertino

The book of Beautyland is about Adino Giorno who is born to a single mother in Philadelphia. She’s activated by her extraterrestrial superiors who live some 300,000 light years away on the dying planet, Cricket Rice. She has to deliver the task of informing them about how humans think, act, and behave. She uses a fax machine in her bedroom and transmits wise but often funny observations about puzzling human behaviour.

For example, she states that people don’t like when they see other human beings happy. In the meantime, she experiences the bittersweetness of growing up and being disliked by the popular elite groups. They mock Adino for her dark skin and other reasons. She even learns that sometimes even as a human a person can still feel like an alien. Overall, Beautyland is full of warm, witty, and emotional stories that will take you on an out-of-this-world exploration.

As Young as This, By Roxy Dunn

Have you experienced the struggles of modern dating? If yes, you will love and relate a lot to this novel. It shows the reality of life how we dream so much about our lives and what happens when we let all those desires go. As young as this, you will be shocked to find out how a 34-year-old, single, and childless protagonist makes the biggest decision for herself. You will also learn to take major steps in your life and overcome your hurdles after reading Charts Margot’s life.

Jaded, Ela Lee

This book is about the protagonist, Jade who is a successful lawyer, obedient daughter, dedicated girlfriend, and loyal friend. She has a perfect lifestyle till her work party goes wrong. As a result, her beautiful world starts to crumble terribly around her and her life forces her to reassess her carefree assumptions. The entire story is darkly funny and razor-sharp that you should read in 2024 to realize the unpredictability of life.

While reading it, you may get an inspiration to write your novel. You may compose your manuscript, but publishing it solely by yourself is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, ease your burdens and increase your chances of success by seeking professional assistance. Simply seek out by typing ‘Amazon publisher near me’ in the search engine and choose any reliable agency that meets your requirements.

House of Flame and Shadow, By Sarah J. Maas

The #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author, Sarah J. Maas is the talk of the town for her Throne of Glass series. Her Court of Thorns and Roses also gained immense recognition and made twelve million sales. This year, she has come up with House of Flame and Shadow, which is her third release in the action-packed Crescent City series. It is in continuation of House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath. The content is brimming with fantasy, romance, fiction, and magic.

The story is of Bryce Quinlan who never expected to step out Migdard explores a world apart from that. Now, she desires to go back to Midgard which has everything she loves, her family, friends, and mate. She wants to go back to her home but it would require all her wits and she doesn’t have anyone whom she can trust. Flip the pages of this novel to find out how she finally makes her journey to Midgard.

How to read more books in 2024?

Figure out the time of the day suitable for reading. Dedicate a space within your home where you feel joy while reading instead of a chore. Choose the format and niche that engages you the most to introduce them more to your bookshelf. Share your thoughts about the publication you delve into with your pals, family, and social media connections. Give a shot to the combination of hard copies and digital formats to read with full relaxation.

What is the most famous novel right now?

Here is a list of current popular picks:

  • The women
  • Fourth wing
  • House of flame and shadow
  • The hunter
  • The Heaven and Earth grocery store
  • A fate inked in blood

What is avid readers reading in 2024?

Here are what their top picks:

  • Wandering stars
  • Table for two
  • The American daughters
  • The women
  • A fate inked in blood
  • The hunter
  • Infectious generosity

Final Verdict

There you have all the best books published in 2024. Now that you are familiar with them, choose the one that you want to begin your reading journey. Whatever you choose, you will experience new things and broaden your knowledge. Make sure you wade through in a relaxing sitting area or on a reclining chair to delve into the book without any interruption.

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