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The Comprehensive Cred.ai Review You Need

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When we hear the ‘ Credit Card’, we usually think of personal credit cards but contrary to this, a credit card is an accommodating aid for small business owners or entrepreneurs. To dispense business facilities, the Cred AI financial company designed a credit card and named it a ‘cred ai credit card’. WFSF Bank issues this card.

In this article, you will receive an depth in cred.ai review about its helpful features.

What is a cred ai credit card?

The cred.ai financial technology company has introduced its AI-powered credit card for business owners. This credit ai card has a metal look design and it is a completely fee-free card means no annual charges for the credit card. It is enabled with cutting-edge technology to protect you against fraud, create your credit, and assist you in managing your business.

Highlights of cred.ai card

  •         Collect cash from ATMs – cred ai card simplifies collecting cash for ATMs directly.
  •         The activation process of the card is quick and easy
  •         Quick bank deposit and mobile check deposit at zero fee
  •         Two days before paycheck access facility
  •         Cutting-edge technology
  •         Metal look credit card
  •         Can used as a debit card
  •         A virtual card option for minimizing fraud
  •         24X7 live support

 Despite all the favorable features, the cred ai card does not meet the expectations of customers. It has some limitations that you should also recognize.

What is the limitation of cred ai credit card?

As cred ai is designed with technological advancement still it faces some boundaries. It has unique features of fee-free cards, ATMs accessible, a virtual card (stealth card) option, and direct deposit to accounts. All features are impressive but not completely designed for business purposes. business owners receive no discounts or bonuses on this card.

In addition to this, cred ai card has no option of adding multiple business accounts or approved users, making it an idle option for a business motive. Instead, it can be used as an alternative option for banking solutions that help to manage other businesses’ payouts. 

cred.ai review

cred.ai is a unique card designed with advanced technology and attractive features but all are for general purposes not for business particularly. So, as per the cred.ai review, individuals seeking a business-purpose credit card can rely on other options.

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