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The Most Visited Global Landmark Is Burj Khalifa

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The Most Visited Global Landmark Is Burj Khalifa
The Most Visited Global Landmark Is Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa in Dubai now boasts yet another world record to its collection of accolades. The most recent accomplishment stems from a recent study that names it as the monument with the highest annual visitor count in the entire world.

According to research done by the analytics company Switch On Business, the famous tallest skyscraper in the world attracts an astounding 17 million visitors each year. In order to identify the landmarks that pique the most interest worldwide, the study involves monitoring search volumes and average visitor statistics for more than 150 well-known locations around the world.

Incredibly tall at 828 meters, or three times the size of Paris’ famed Eiffel Tower, the tower attracts almost 22 million Google searches each year and about 17 million tourists. According to the study’s findings, this notable increase in visits results in an estimated $621 million in ticket sales.

The Taj Mahal in India, which receives roughly 7.5 million tourists annually and receives about 22 million searches annually, takes second place. With over 13 million annual visitors and over 1.2 million searches, Niagara Falls is closely behind in third place.

Travel specialists underline that seeing the Burj Khalifa is a requirement for tourists experiencing Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa’s attractiveness, according to Tours on Board’s Sales Manager Ranju Abraham, can be attributed to its towering stature, opulent architecture, and magnificent views. He said that the busiest times to visit are between 4 and 7 pm in the summer and 3 pm and 6 pm in the winter. Due to the chance to see the cityscape during the day, at sunset, and in the evening, these are the busiest times.

According to material on the Burj Khalifa’s official website, a sky view observatory ticket can cost as much as Dh750 per person and starts at Dh80 per person.

The report also revealed a global tourism boom, with 917 million tourists expected worldwide in 2022, setting a record high in travelling after pandemic.

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