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The Power Of Storytelling: Shape Understanding Of The World


Do you remember that legendary story where the rabbit and tortoise randomly decided to race one day? If not, then you must have read ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ or ‘The Ugly Duckling.’

Ha-ha, everyone remembers these tales from their childhood. These strokes of genius, in the 1990s, became a legit part of every kid’s childhood. Moreover, they left such a strong mark on our minds that we still believe in the lessons that they gave us.

Not only these tales but also several similar ones have remained an essential aspect of our lives. They have strengthened our faith in things like the consequences of lying, respecting boundaries, and the importance of self-acceptance. These strong narratives were taught to us back in the day through the art of storytelling in our formative years.

Thus, here we are today. These stories have shaped our understanding of the world without a doubt. They have helped us in developing our perspectives and basic natural characteristics. You want to keep reading to learn how this truly works.

Human Perspective Shaped By Narratives!

Even those who reject it have a story to tell. Hence, there is not a single person who does not possess a narrative about their life. Some of them just choose to stay unaware or are anxious about sharing. However, little do they know how big of a treasure these stories are if used in the right setting.

The power of storytelling is quite underestimated. People do not realise that it is the stories that connect them to the world through emotions and lessons. It is stories that influence our perspectives and beliefs, shaping our values. Furthermore, if we correctly understand the cohesive tales and their profound narratives, we will have a garden-fresh perception of the world.

Therefore, it is important that you keep reading and, side by side, maintain a journal for your writing effort. Both of these habits are conclusive in understanding the realm we live in. Now, let us discuss the ways how these narratives penetrate our minds and become faith!

Mechanism Of Storytelling…power

From the age of infancy, our parents teach us to read books. They incorporate it with our bedtime routines, and successfully, we adopt it, too. From our first ABCD picture book to the recent novel that you have read, we all grew up. We grew up with stories surrounding us. At first, there were fewer words and more pictures in our books and now there are hardly any illustrations.

However, over time, we have learned to associate emotions with the stories. If in the novel that you are reading, the character is depressed, you will start to feel worried. Even when it is all fiction, then too the impact is substantial. Moreover, if the character is greedy and faces circumstances then we start connecting the dots and learn things not to do from it. Similarly, these stories have been providing context for years now.

They define distinct traits to us through plots and characters. Therefore, it is through this exposure that we learn to mold our understanding of what is virtuous and what is not. Besides that, when these tales are passed on from generation to generation then the influence and impact grows deeper. People start to perceive them as cultural values and universal truths.

The Probable Future…

The future of storytelling is quite literally about technology integration only. The time is not far away when every book publisher in Dubai and all over the world will only focus on digital publications. This is apparent because books will then only be virtually available. Rather, very shortly, there will be no physical copies at all. The narratives will reach the reader through Augmented or Virtual Reality. Moreover, there will be interactive narrations that will give readers an experiential learning practice.

Then another concept will also prevail which is personalized narration, where you can shape the storyline despite being the audience. You choose, and outcomes are displayed. Imagine an audio videotape where you get to decide the next plot of the story. Is it not a wild idea? You might not believe it, but it is already happening at Netflix in its interactive specials.

Then, besides that, artificial intelligence and trans-media platforms will also bring innovations to the table. Lastly, you will see a major shift in storylines, going from love stories to ethical and all-inclusive narratives. Moreover, there will also be narratives specially designed for differently abled people.

What is the power of narratives?

Initially, flawlessly delivering the story will undoubtedly influence the audience. They will get inspired and feel an instant rapport with the characters of this story. Moreover, they will also feel empathy towards the fictional characters.

What are the benefits of storytelling skills?

Storytelling is not limited to the reader’s world. It is also a huge part of business paradigms. Marketers, leaders and entrepreneurs are some people who use these skills to earn the audience’s support.

How do narratives affect society?

Narratives can entertain and are the oldest form of communication on this Earth. Over time, they become part of the traditions and affect social elements. For example, justice, progress, rituals etc.

What are the disadvantages of storytelling?

There is always a second face of the story. If it is helpful, it can also be disastrous. Such as this skill comes in handy to manipulate people. Moreover, people sometimes do not even do the honors of checking facts. They blindly accept what the stories say.

Wrapping It Up!

In the realm of powerful storytelling where it shapes the world’s perspective, you need to be careful. This skill is both a blessing and a menace to humankind. This is because of how a decent and inspiring book can cause an entire generation to have faith in worthy lessons. However simultaneously, a shallow book can cause havoc in generations.

So every time you pick a book, listen to someone, or tell stories yourself to any audience,… ensure to keep it moral. An enthusiastically presented wrong speech can inspire people towards wrongful doings. Thus, recognize the significance of narrative as well as how it shapes social situations!

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