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Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants In UAE – Detailed Guide

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If you’re thinking about studying in another country, it can be exciting. It lets students learn a lot and experience new cultures. But figuring out how to study abroad can be hard without help. This is why education consultants who specialize in studying abroad come in. In the UAE, which is a big place for international education, it’s really important to find the best consultants to help you.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the top 10 best consultants for studying abroad in the UAE. We’ll look at what they do and some of their success stories. This will help students understand their options and start their journey to study in another country with confidence.

Let’s have a brief conversation in detail!

Before moving forward, let’s first discuss the crucial query that helps you figure out the best consultant for yourself.

When Choosing A Study Abroad Consultant UAE: What to Keep in Mind?

Choosing to study abroad can change your life, and choosing the right abroad education consultants in the UAE can have a major impact on how well your journey goes.

Here are some important things to think about:

Crucial Factors Details
Recognition and Certification Choose consultants who have official approvals and certificates from popular global organizations. In short, they should meet important quality rules and do honest work.
Presence and work experience Think about how long the consultant has been in business and how many good placements they have made in the past.
What kind of services do they offer? There are many services available to make sure that your whole study abroad experience is taken care of.
Expertise in Specific Countries and Universities Find out if the consultant focuses on the countries or colleges you’re interested in. Knowing a lot about certain places can give you helpful advice and special guidance.
Services To Help Students Good support makes your whole experience better and helps solve any problems you might face.

Top Study Abroad Consultants in the UAE:

When selecting a study abroad education consultant in the UAE, some popular companies are known for their excellent services and success. Here are the top 10 study abroad consultants in the UAE:

1. IDP Education:

IDP education is big in the UAE and around the world. They are a trusted consultant for studying abroad. IDP offers full services, covering everything from test prep and helping with applications to giving advice before you leave. They know a lot about international education and universities, helping students choose the best place and subject to study.

2. Edoxi:

Edoxi is famous in the UAE for helping students study abroad. Their team, full of experience, understands what students need and want. They offer a lot of services, like career advice, choosing universities, test prep, and help with applications. Edoxi is known for its excellent work and personal approach, making them very popular with students looking for overseas education advice.

3. Edmissions:

Edmissions in the UAE is popular for helping students study in other countries. They offer complete help, from picking the right course and university to visa application help. With many partner institutions around the world, Edmissions gives students many choices to find the best option for them.

4. Stanford Global Management Consultants:

At Stanford Global Management Consultants in the UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah, students get a chance to explore big ideas, cross over different subjects, and become citizens of the world who appreciate different thoughts and life experiences.

Their objective is to provide life-changing study abroad opportunities to students. They believe studying abroad is an excellent way to learn about the world and its different cultures. It’s a chance to become more open-minded.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad or applying for a higher education course, Stanford Global Education is the best education consultant in the UAE

How can they help you?

They guide you in choosing the right course for higher education, help you apply successfully, and walk you through the whole admissions process. With years of experience in the field, their experts are ready to support your educational journey.

5. Whizstorm:

If you want to study in Dubai or anywhere else, you’ll need a good education consultant. These consultants help with applying to schools and choosing the right one. They also help with finding money for school, like scholarships and student loans. These loans can pay for things like tuition, a place to live, and other costs.

Whizstorm is one of the best consultants for studying abroad in the UAE. They are part of the Global Education Organization and are known for helping students from other countries. 

They have specialized tests that trained counselors administer to help students understand themselves better. Their interactive, expert-made online IELTS classes are available. Whizstorm is a great choice for your future studies.

6. GoToUniversity:

Picking the best consultant for studying abroad is important. A good consultant guides you through the whole process and helps you pick the right program, university, and country. They can also give advice on applications, interviews, and scholarships.

GoToUniversity is a leading consultant in the UAE for studying abroad. They have helped over 20,000 students get into higher education. They know a lot about different universities and courses. The company has seven offices in the UAE and helps with visas and applying to schools. They know about 4,000 universities worldwide and can help you choose the right course and school.


It offers services at good prices. They have helped many students get into higher education. They give great advice on admissions and visas. Their counselors are knowledgeable and can help with applications, interviews, and picking the right university. They also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a good essay.

7. Sage:

If you’re planning to study abroad or apply for higher education, you should talk to the best education consultants in Dubai. Sage is a popular consulting company in Dubai. They help you pick the right course, prepare for applications, and guide you through getting into college. These professionals have been in the field for over a decade and can really help you succeed.

Sage can help you apply to the top universities in the US. They can also help with your resume, interview prep, and more. The consultants at Sage know a lot and can help you find the perfect university and a career you’ll love.

8. IGEC:

IGEC is a trusted consultant for studying abroad in the UAE. They offer great services to students and professionals. IGEC helps you find the right university and course. They also help with visa applications and finding a place to stay. They even arrange visits to famous universities.

IGEC aims to provide quality education in the Middle East. They focus on helping students become confident leaders. They have a team of experienced counselors who give excellent support.


It has 17 offices in eight countries. They are a big educational consulting company and place more Middle Eastern students than any other agency. They have won the Study Travel Magazine (STM) Award four times in three years.

9. DM Study Abroad Consultants:

DM Study Abroad Consultants can help you change your future by studying at the top universities around the world. If you dream of studying abroad in well-known countries, DM Consultants is here to help. They assist students with various university courses abroad, including postgraduate, undergraduate, PhD, MBA, and more, to achieve their career goals.

It’s important for students to know the latest trends in education at the world’s top universities, especially in courses that fit their skills and can help them join the job market in those countries. Every year, over 15,000 students from Dubai go abroad to study, and this number grows by 3 to 4% annually. Students from all over choose to study in foreign countries because of stable economies and future opportunities. 

DM Consultant offers the best solutions by looking at your educational background, financial situation, study subjects, scholarship options, and suitable universities. They help you choose the right course and path right from the start.

10. Qadri International Education Consultants:

Qadri International Education Consultants was established in 1986. They proudly served as the trusted regional representative for several renowned universities, engaged countless students to study abroad, and secured admissions to universities worldwide


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