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Top 3 Universal Travel Adapter You Need To Know In 2023

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A universal travel adapter is a really handy thing to have when you travel. It lets you connect your phones, computers, and other electronics into electrical sockets in other countries, so you can use them there. This adapter is very helpful because plugs in different countries are not all the same. Remember to always pack it when you’re going on a trip abroad. Without it, you might not be able to charge your stuff in a new place. 

But remember, not all adapters are the same. They come with different features. So, when you’re thinking of buying one, keep a few simple tips in mind. Let’s discuss some of them in detail!

Plug Type: 

The kind of plug on a travel adapter is super important. It decides where you can use it. Some plug shapes are common in certain areas, while others work in many countries. The plug type is also about safety, because different plugs match different electric setups, like voltage and frequency.

Number of Ports:

If you travel a lot, you probably bring things like phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and smartwatches. A travel adapter with many ports lets you charge lots of devices at once. This is great when you’re with friends or have many things to charge together.

Wattage Rating: 

How powerful a travel adapter is, is key. It changes how your devices and the socket work together. Things that need power need different numbers. Things like hair dryers and computers need more power. If you bring these on trips, make sure your adapter is strong enough to handle them.

There are a lot of devices and their parts out there these days. In addition travel adapters are one of these things that you have to have. You can pick from a huge number of different kinds. We made a list of the best travel adapters to help you choose the right one. In our “Buying Guide” for travel adapters. 

Now we’ve good news for you. What is it? 

Let us explain to you! In this guide we’re not just discussing the best adapters as well as we’re gonna discuss each adapter’s pros and cons to understand things better. 

3 Best Universal Travel Adapter:

Below we’ve categorized the information in a detailed manner that helps you not only understand the adapter. You’ll also be able to select which one is best for you by analyzing their pros and cons. 

1. EPICKA Travel Adapter:

The EPICKA Travel Adapter stands out as a top choice for anyone in need of a universal travel adapter. Ideal for frequent travelers, it is compatible in over 150 countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, and Ireland. This versatile charger is capable of charging up to six devices simultaneously, featuring four standard USB ports and one Type C port for quick charging, alongside an AC plug for larger electronics.

This universal travel adapter is also designed with safety in mind. It includes an 8 A fuse and special locking mechanisms on the plugs to ensure secure connections. Certified by safety groups such as RoHS, FEE, and CE, it’s capable of handling a significant amount of power – up to 880 Watts at 110 V and 1920 Watts at 240 Volts.

Best Features:

  • It has a fast-charging Type C USB port.
  • There are 4 USB ports in total.
  • It can handle up to 1920 Watts of power.
  • It works in over 150 countries.


  • It has a guarantee for two years.
  • ​Many people choose this as their trip charger
  • ​Guarantees your money back for 30 days.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in voltage converter.

2. Sublimeware Travel Adapter:

Sublimeware is another popular brand for electronic accessories. Their Power Plug Adapter ranks second on our list. It works in over 150 countries, making it really versatile. You can charge up to 4 USB devices at the same time and it has a big AC outlet with a safety pin-lock. This lock ensures your devices are connected securely. The adapter can handle both 240 Volts and 120 Volts power supplies.

Best Features:

  • It comes with Type C, A, G, I ports.
  • There are 4 ports to use.
  • It can handle up to 1300 Watts.
  • You can choose from many designs.


  • It’s a top pick for a travel adapter that’s easy to carry.
  • The pin-lock keeps your devices securely connected.
  • It’s designed for travelers who need to charge multiple devices.


  • It doesn’t have a Type C USB port.

3. MINGTONG Travel Adapter:

MINGTONG offers great travel adapters at a more affordable price. Their travel adapter is our third choice. It’s well-known and cheap, so it’s great if you just need a basic adapter. There are two USB ports and a surge protection put in to keep your gadgets safe. It works in more than 150 countries. The connection has safety covers, LED power signs, and a fuse protection built right in. It can handle up to 650 Watts at 110 Volts and 1300 Watts at 220 Volts. If it gets too much current, it will shut off to protect your devices. It’s also certified safe by RoHS, CE, and FCC.

Best Features:

  • It has a Type G port.
  • There are 2 ports available.
  • It can handle up to 1500 Watts.
  • It’s approved for safety by RoHS, CE, and FCC.


  • A budget-friendly, all-in-one adapter.
  • Has built-in safety features and an LED indicator.
  • It’s small, only 3 x 1.5 x 1.9 inches in size.


  • It only has 2 USB ports.

The top 3 best travel adapters you can select according to your choice. Let’s move forward to the final section. 

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