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Top 5 Camel Riding Experiences in Dubai You Can’t Miss

Camel Riding Experiences in Dubai

Even though Dubai is known for its enormous structures and beautiful places, only by exploring the Arabian Desert can you completely appreciate it. Many holidays require fun activities like quad-riding, cooking under the stars, and seeing belly dancers. It’s really impressive. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen five top camel ride experiences in Dubai based on how customers enjoyed, the pricing, and what’s included.”

Let’s get started!

Popular Camel Riding Experiences:

Riding on a camel is a very old tradition. In the old days people loved to ride on them because it’s so interesting and enjoyable. We are definitely sure that the person who read this content may not believe in us and it’s natural. Because we can’t accept things until we practically experience them ownself. Stay connected with us

Here’s list we’ve categorized given below:

Desert Adventure for Half a Day:

Enjoy a memorable desert journey without spending too much! The adventure begins with a one-hour journey from your accommodation in a cool 4×4 vehicle. The Hajjar Mountains will be seen from here. After that, prepare for an exciting camel ride and an exciting quad bike ride over sandy hills. This tour is perfect for those who want to try camel riding but do not want to commit to a long period of time. 


Starting from £20.44.

Camel Trekking Safari Near Sunset:

This camel experience is popular among many people because it has over 300 good ratings, so you may be confident in it. You will ride a camel into the desert to a Bedouin camp on this journey. You receive a delicious BBQ dinner there. ​You can also plan henna painting, observe Tanoura dance, and observe falconry, among other activities. They even come to your hotel and drop you off.

Evening Camel Safari Tour Include BBQ Dinner:

This six-hour camel ride provides one of the best sunsets in Dubai, which is saying a lot in a city with some of the world’s greatest skyscrapers. The experience is more laid-back than some of the other items on our list, providing a more relaxed introduction to Dubai’s desert vistas. Along with being treated to a one-hour camel ride, participants can take part in traditional activities including smoking a shisha pipe, obtaining henna tattoos, and drinking tea or coffee in a Bedouin tent. The journey concludes with a BBQ meal beneath the stars, complete with entertainment. 


Starting from £65.50 

Camel Ride in Al Marmoon Conservation Reserve:

One of the best camel rides in Dubai is a seven-hour camel experience! We visit the Al Marmoon Desert Conservation Reserve, a unique location in the UAE. First, we tour the region in a 4×4 vehicle with an expert driver. Following that, we board camels and go to an actual Bedouin community. There, you may enjoy the desert environment, delicious BBQ, and belly dance. Previous visitors praised the long camel ride and the guides. 


Starting from £74.18.

Camel Ride In A Hot Air Balloon:

This five-star journey is great for anyone wanting to improve their experience or celebrate a particular event. The excitement starts with a cup of hot coffee or tea in the middle of the desert, followed by an exciting hot air balloon flight 4,000 feet above the earth as the sun rises. ​This is followed by a desert camel ride and breakfast at a Bedouin camp. To top it off, you can get your picture shot with a falcon. Ride is included in the tour fee.


Starting from £269.98.

What To Expect From A Camel Safari Journey in Dubai?

Here’s the instructions and things you can expect from a camel safari in dubai. Let us show the research!

You can get a ride from your house or hotel in Dubai or Sharjah. You can enjoy a 45-minute camel ride in the desert, guided like a path. You can see and take pictures of desert creatures such as the Arabian Oryx. Although, you are able to get some cold drinks, water, tea, and coffee. To understand things better, let’s discuss things in a formal viewpoint:

  • Take some lovely scenery pictures. 
  • The journey is available every day. 
  • Pickups are at 4 PM in the summer and 3 PM in the winter. 
  • You can also select morning timings. 
  • Remember to bring your camera and binoculars for distant vistas.
  • A camel can carry two persons, and children must be tied to an adult.

Every person can wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, sunscreen, and a large hat. Hope it’s clear now!


Lastly, if you are still confused that either you have to decide to experience these came riding in dubai or not. Listen, thinking is good but overthink is not good. You can’t say things until you experience them. Genuinely, the destinations we’ve just discussed are one of the best places ever. Thanks!

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