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Top Countries Allowing On Arrival Visa For UAE Residents

What Is Freelance Visa In UAE

Planning a vacation and getting a visa can be difficult and take a long time because of various reasons. The pandemic has made travel much more difficult. But, if you live in the UAE, there is good news! Some countries provide visas on arrival to UAE residents. This means you may visit these countries without the problem of getting a visa ahead of time.

This article is about countries that provide visas to UAE residents. Applying for a visa can be difficult and could ruin your vacation plans. If you’re confused about the visa application process? Don’t be like that! This list shows countries where UAE people do not need a visa for their vacation. Let find out:

  • Learn what is an on arrival visa for uae residents
  • Know about the countries with visa on arrival for UAE residents

Popular Free Visa Destination:

Are you in the UAE and planning your next trip, wondering where you can go without the hassle of getting a visa? Navigating visas can be hard and take a lot of time. The good news is, you can visit more than 170 countries without a visa or get one upon arrival. Only about 11.48 percent of the 10.17 million residents in the UAE have Emirati passports. 

So, if you’re a UAE resident looking for visa-free countries, there are many options. There is something for everyone, no matter if you prefer beaches, mountains, or cities.

Understand UAE on-arrival visas:

When you arrive in a country, you are awarded a visa on arrival. When you arrive, you fill out the required documents, show the right documents, and pay the costs. Visas are required for some visitors going to the UAE. If you’re leaving the UAE and don’t want to bother with visas, these countries provide on-arrival visas for UAE citizens, making your journey easier.

Learn Countries Provide On Arrival Visas:

Below we’ve shared the list of some countries that provide the arrival visas for UAE people. Let’s learn from them!


Azerbaijan is one of the countries to which UAE residents do not require a visa. The Land of Fire is an amazing country situated between Asia and Europe. It has a long history going back to the Stone Age, as well as numerous fascinating attractions to visit, such as the Caucasus Mountains and historical towns.

Baku, the capital, is located on the Caspian Sea and has amazing architecture.

Because Azerbaijan has favorable relations with the UAE, people from the UAE can obtain a 30-day visa upon arrival in Azerbaijan. You can apply for an E-visa if you are a UAE resident with a golden visa or another residency plan.


Malaysia is a great combination of old customs and modern technology, with beautiful beaches, incredible attractions, unique flora and wildlife, and delicious food. The government promotes cultural unity as much as scientific achievement, and different festivals involving Indian, Chinese, and Malay groups are observed.

Moreover, it is one of the countries where UAE citizens may obtain a visa on arrival, allowing them to remain for up to 90 days. Also the residents of Pakistan and Sri Lanka can acquire an E-visa, whereas residents of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and the Philippines can receive a visa upon arrival. Residents of the UAE with Indian passports can also obtain a visa on arrival in Malaysia.

If you want to go beyond Malaysia, you may consider getting a Spain visit visa from Dubai for the next trip.


Armenia, which is surrounded by Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, is a favorite tourist destination for UAE residents. As the world’s first Christian country, it has a long history that precedes many European states. Armenia, which has cultural assets such as museums, symphony venues, theaters, and historic monasteries, will be one of the visa-free destinations for UAE citizens in 2023.

For UAE citizens interested in visiting Armenia, obtaining a visa is simple; it is accessible upon arrival at the airport and is valid for an amazing 180 days. Furthermore, UAE residents of Indian and Filipino heritage can apply for a visa on arrival in Armenia.


Vacation planning as a UAE citizen may be difficult, especially given the complexity of visa applications, which have been decreased by the current epidemic. This article provides a solution by showcasing countries that offer on-arrival visas, allowing for a hassle-free travel experience. These places cater to a variety of tastes, whether it’s the historical allure of Azerbaijan, the cultural richness of Malaysia, or the profound past of Armenia.

With plenty of options, UAE citizens may smoothly manage visa-free travel, assuring a stress-free and wonderful holiday. Simplify your travels by visiting these welcome spots for an enjoyable and convenient vacation.

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