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Travel Safety Tips For UAE: Complete Guide To Understand

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Tourism In UAE

When we’re talking about Dubai which is one the second largest emirate of UAE, people could probably say that this city-state is famous for its luxurious building it’s that true? Yeah but this city is more famous for another thing also which is Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world. It’s cool! 

Every person can come with his family to see the best place for a fun vacation. Your safety and happiness matter the most in Dubai and what about the “Police” Is there any kind of help from them expected?

Yes it’s true you, anyone has the ability to call 901 anytime if they need any help! Let’s get back to our topic! If you’re still curious about safety in Dubai. We’ve created a please guide for you to make things clear for anyone. 

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Keeping Yourself Safe On Dubai’s Roads:

Before going forward it’s important for us to discuss with you that wherever you go with your family, always be careful of unexpected accidents. 

Hope you get my point!

If you want to drive in Dubai, follow the road rules. You need an international license, be 21 or older, and always wear seat belts. Don’t drink and drive. Stay careful and be intelligent to avoid problems with the police

Stay Yourself Safe In Dubai Sea:

It’s safe to swim in Dubai, but be careful. Look for flags – red means no, yellow means caution, and purple means jellyfish. Only swim when a lifeguard is there. Some beaches are open 24/7 for safe, well-lit swims.

Careful Yourself While Hiking In Dubai:

Escape the city and explore a new part of Dubai with a hiking trip to Hatta. Bring plenty of water, plan your route, go in a group, and hike in the cooler winter. Wear good hiking boots, use sunscreen, and wear a hat for protection.

Staying Protective in the Dubai Desert

Going to the big desert in Dubai is exciting, but be ready! It’s hot in the day, but at night it gets cold. Pack warm clothes if you’re staying overnight. Fetch water, snacks, and a first aid kit. Book your trip with a good tour company for a smooth experience.

Protect Yourself From The Dubai’s Sun Rays:

Have fun in Dubai’s weather! Wear sunscreen, drink water, and take breaks in the shade. Put on a hat and sunglasses to keep your skin safe, especially from 11 am to 3 pm. Well as we discussed many safety methods and we genuinely say that if you employ these ways you and your family will never say again that are there any safety issues in dubai or not. 

So, let’s move forward to the important one which is given below:

What Should You Have To Do In Medical Condition?

If you have a health emergency, call 998 for an ambulance or air ambulance. Share a nearby landmark if you’re unsure about your location. For your comfort, everyone on staff understands several languages.

Tips For Newly Arrived Tourists In Dubai:

Below are some valuable things which we have to follow if you are a newly arrived visitor in Dubai. 

  • Dress Right
  • Wear beach clothes at the beach, not in the mall.
  • Mind Public Behavior
  • Keep hugs and kisses private
  • Be Kind Everywhere
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect


Is Dubai Safe?

Dubai is super safe! ​In 2023, it will be one of the safest cities. To keep everyone safe, severe restrictions are in place. ​Have a worry-free and fun family holiday anytime in dubai. 

Live like you have only one day left. 

Can I Drink Alcohol While Staying In Dubai?

In Dubai, you can get alcohol in places that have a special license. If you’re 21 or older, whether you’re a tourist or live there, you can have alcohol at places like hotels, restaurants, and special lounges. But, it’s really important to know that acting drunk or driving after drinking is not allowed at all. As a result, everyone needs to use care and act correctly.

Is Dubai Safe For Womens?

Dubai is a really safe place for women to visit. A report from 2022 said it’s the third safest city in the world for women traveling alone. 

The UAE, where Dubai is, makes sure everyone, including visitors and people who live there, is safe. In 2021, a report said more than 90% of the residents feel safe walking alone at night. A study by Georgetown University in the same year ranked the UAE as the best place for women to feel safe at night. They have special services for women in public transportation, like reserved cabins on the Dubai Metro and taxis with female drivers.


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