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Travel To Georgia From Dubai: Everything You Should Know

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Love mountains, old buildings, green hills, and fun cities? Then Georgia is for you! This special place between Europe and Asia has majestic views and friendly people. It’s also got tasty food, ancient wine, and cool history. Best of all, Dubai people can visit Georgia easily. 

Read this guide to plan out your dream Georgia trip from Dubai. It covers top things to see, getting a visa, finding flights, travel tips, and more!

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Go Georgia?

Georgia is an exciting place for UAE travelers because of its variety, from exploring the capital Tbilisi to enjoying wine tasting and visiting mountain villages. Here’s why it’s popular:

  • Cheap Prices: The Georgia ticket price from UAE is quite affordable, making the overall trip cost-effective. You can see sights and enjoy meals for less money than in many other destinations.
  • Beautiful Nature: Experience the majestic Caucasus mountains, along with rolling green hills and picturesque valleys.
  • Yummy Food: Make sure to try local dishes like cheese bread, khachapuri and satsivi chicken.
  • World’s Oldest Wine: Georgia has a rich winemaking history that goes back 8,000 years, offering a unique experience for wine enthusiasts.
  • Epic History: Discover sites linked to famous Greek myths, such as the legend of the Golden Fleece.
  • Adventures: Whether you’re into skiing, hiking, or just exploring, there’s something for every adventure lover.
  • Blend of Old and New: Tbilisi, the capital, beautifully combines modern buildings with its Old Town charm and unique baths.

In summary, the affordable Georgia ticket price from UAE, combined with the country’s diverse attractions, makes it a highly appealing destination.

Easy Visa Rules From Dubai:

We’ve got good news for those looking to explore Georgia! If you’re considering a Georgia package from the UAE, there’s something exciting for Dubai passport holders. You don’t need a traditional visa to visit Georgia! With just your passport (make sure it’s valid for at least 6 months), you can enjoy up to 90 days in Georgia within every 180-day period. This makes your travel plans easier and more convenient, especially if you’re opting for a Georgia package from the UAE. For others, the process is still simple. You can quickly apply online for Georgia’s E-Visa. The application takes about 5 minutes to enter essential details, and approval scans are prompt, ensuring a smooth experience upon arrival.”

Booking Cheap Flights and Hotels:

Dubai-Georgia flights are under 4 hours, it’s easy to visit for a weekend. FlyDubai has budget round trip deals under $300. Hotel packages cost around $700 total for 3-7 nights.

Bundled deals allow customizing:

  • Flights plus 3+ nights in central Tbilisi hotels
  • Adding day trips to caves, monasteries, mountains
  • Wine tasting tours
  • Stays along the Black Sea beach

Where to Go in Georgia?

Buses, subways, trains – Georgia has reliable and wallet-friendly transportation. Here’s how to use it:

  • 24-hour buses from airport to Tbilisi centers take under 1 hour for $5
  • Subways and buses within cities generally cost less than $1
  • Intercity trains or minivans connect most big destinations for around $10
  • Hire an English-speaking taxi guide to see top attractions for about $100/day

Crucial Tips For Trip From Dubai:

Follow these tips from frequent Georgia travelers for smooth sailing:

  • Get Health Insurance
  • Carry cash – cards only work in big cities
  • Download offline Maps. Me app – helps navigate winding streets
  • Learn a little Georgian – locals appreciate visitors who try speaking basics
  • Taste different local wine varieties – there are 8 main wine regions
  • Stay flexible – unexpected beauty is around every turn in Georgia!


In Georgia, you can experience the stunning contrast between majestic mountains and serene beaches by the Black Sea. This unique country beautifully blends European and Asian influences, offering a rich tapestry of culture and nature. To make the most of your journey, consider exploring the cheapest Georgia tour package from Dubai, which provides an economical yet comprehensive way to enjoy the country’s splendors. Use this guide to plan a personalized Georgia vacation from Dubai, unlocking the magic of this destination with quick visa processes, affordable flights, and convenient transport options. Plus, get insider tips to enhance your experience. It’s time to start packing those bags – adventure awaits in Georgia!


What’s The Best Time In The Year To Visit Georgia?

The climate in Georgia features warm summers and cold winters, similar to parts of Europe. The best times to visit are generally considered spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October). Spring offers warmer sunshine and blooming wildflowers while avoiding summertime heat and crowds. Autumn provides vibrant foliage hiking amid cooler temperatures before winter sets in. Both let you explore sites comfortably. The summer months of June-August can get quite hot, especially touring wine regions. Midwinter is very cold with heavy snows closing mountain roads that is best avoided. Do keep potential rain in mind when planning – the country can see showers intermixed year-round.

What Does A Typical 7-day Georgia Tour From Dubai Cost?

For a one week trip, you can expect to spend around 2,500-3,500 AED per person. This includes flights, a mid-range hotel, food, transport, and activities. One great thing about Georgia is that the currency exchange is favorable and the attractions are affordable once you’re there. Roundtrip flights with FlyDubai start under 1,000 AED. Twin hotel rooms in the capital Tbilisi run 500-800 AED nightly. Taking public transportation, such as the metro or intercity marshrutka minibosses, is very affordable. 

Even for long trips, it only costs a few dollars. Attractions have low entry fees, if they even charge. And meals run just a few dollars at local haunts – or splurge on renowned cuisine for under 200 AED. Saving money lets you put funds into private winery tours, cultural performances, hiking guides and more.


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