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Apply for Travel Visa from India to Germany

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Travel Visa

Travel visa from India to Germany (Schengen Country)

Germany, which is a well-known nation with a rich culture and history, is located in the western region of Europe. It offers a variety of sceneries, including rivers, beaches, mountains, and forests.

Everywhere one goes, there is something remarkable to view, from the lovely Rhine and Mosel valleys to the stunning Bavarian Alps, to the amazing shores of Lake Constance, to the jagged shores of the North and Baltic Seas.

Germany is a stunning country that is a major tourist destination thanks to its football, beers, historic castles, vehicles, and a vast range of bread. There are a number of festivals conducted here throughout the year, with Oktoberfest being one of the most well-known.

The list of attractions is therefore unlimited, whether you wish to remain in one location like the glitzy capital of Berlin, in a historic city like Munich, or take a road (or train) journey to one of Germany’s must-see tiny locations like Baden-Baden, the wonderful spa town in the Black Forest.

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How should Indians Apply for Germany Visa?

An official authorization allowing individuals (residing outside of Germany) to enter Germany is essentially what a Germany visa for Indians is. Non-Germans are permitted to enter and remain in Germany for a predetermined amount of time with the Visa. In addition, it permits foreigners to travel through Germany’s international transit zones on their way to other nations.

Every Indian person who wants to travel to Germany for a brief period of time can obtain a Schengen Visa from the German Embassy. However, they do not grant separate German visas to visitors from outside of Germany for brief stays. However, a German long-term national visa is given out if visitors want to stay in Germany for longer than 3 months (90 days).

Apply for schengen visa from india to germany

One Schengen Travel Visa enables travelers to visit all 26 Schengen nations, including Germany. Only anyone from outside the Schengen region who need a visa to enter the region will receive this visa.

German officials in India, including German embassies, issue the German visa for Indian citizens. The official partner for processing German visa applications in India has been named by the German embassy as VFS Global Services. throughout addition to helping applicants complete paperwork and collecting visa payments and biometric data on behalf of German embassies and consulates, it oversees German visa application centers throughout India.

Types of Germany Travel Visa Applicable for Indians

  1. The Schengen Visa: Indian people who want to travel to Germany for a brief period are awarded this special visa. It is given to a foreign visitor traveling through Germany or remaining for less than three months (90 days) by a German representative.
  2. Short Stay Visa: Indian nationals intending a brief stay in Germany are awarded a short-stay visa. Holders are limited to 90 days in Germany within a 180-day period. Single Schengen visas or Schengen visas with a restricted territorial validity for brief stays may be issued by German diplomatic offices. A Schengen visa only enables entry to the countries listed on the visa sticker, such as Germany, however a single visa allows travelers from abroad to visit all Schengen nations. Any person visiting Germany for any of the following reasons will be granted a short-stay visa:
    • Vacation
    • Visiting family, relatives, and friends
    • Tied to business Medical care
    • Movie crew
    • Internship/Training
    • Visiting academic or scientific guest
    • Taking part in religious, athletic, or cultural events, as well as commerce shows
    • Nuclear physicist exhibiting at a fair
  3. Airport Transit Travel Visa: Indian nationals who must pass through Germany on their way to another country are given airport transit permits. Basically, for those who pass through Germany en route to another nation. Only the holder of the airport transit visa is allowed entry into the German international transit zone.
  4. German National Travel Visa: Indian nationals who want to stay in Germany longer than three months are given the German National Visa, a long-stay German visa. Foreign nationals visiting Germany on a long-term visa can do so to study, work, reunite with family or a spouse, or to volunteer.
    Visas for citizens of Germany are separated into:

    • Germany Student Travel Visa: This is given to individuals who have been given a full scholarship or an entrance offer from an official German educational institution. This visa is also available to Indian students accepted for an exchange semester in a German university.
    • Employment Travel Visa: This is given to a person who has accepted a job offer from a German company. PhD candidates and highly skilled employees with job contracts in Germany are also eligible.
    • Family Reunion/ Spouse Travel Visa: This specific visa is given to people who want to go to Germany to see their spouse or relatives. It is given to persons who want to stay with their German spouse or family members. This visa is also available to Indians who want to wed a German national or resident already living in Germany.
    • Research/ Guest Scientist Travel Visa: This is given to people who want to go to Germany for a long period of time to conduct study.
    • Job Seekers Travel Visa: This is made available to Indian nationals who want to visit Germany in search of employment possibilities.
    • Self-Employment Travel Visa: This particular visa is granted to those Indian citizens who are planning to launch a business or are thinking of working as a freelancer in Germany.

Who Should Submit an Indian Visa Application to Germany?

Any Indian national seeking to visit Germany must submit an application for a German visa. A valid German visa is required for entry into Germany, regardless of whether the visitor is traveling for business or a long-term work. To lawfully wait for their connecting aircraft in a German airport, even those passing through Germany need to have a current airport transit visa.

Indian visa application to germany

If they intend to Travel Visa to more than one Schengen nation with Germany as their primary destination, Indian nationals must get a Schengen visa through a German representative. The main destination designates the location where travelers will spend the majority of their time while traveling.

Make sure to purchase a family travel insurance plan as soon as your trip is planned if you need to apply for a visa to travel to Germany with your family.

How Do Indian Citizens Apply For A Travel Visa To Germany?

For Indian citizens, the entire visa application process is simple. The nearest VFS Global Services Visa Application Center or the German representative office both accept visa applications. Finding the embassy or consulate that serves the state or federal area under your control is necessary before applying. In order to apply for a German visa, please follow these instructions:

  • The official website of VFS Global for Germany must be accessed.
  • Choose the German embassy or consulate in their Union territory or state.
  • ‘Apply for a Travel Visa’ is the tab to select.
  • Choose the ‘see more’ option under the ‘Identify visa type’ list, then pick the city where their consulate or embassy is located.
  • Choose the type of visa you want to apply for.
  • One must complete the online visa application form, or they may just download and complete it.
  • Visit the website of the Visa application center to make a visa appointment online.
  • Show their appointment for a visa and submit the visa application together with any supporting documentation.
  • Pay the visa-related fees and provide the biometric information
  • Once the visa has been granted, pick up the passport.

Duration Of Different German Travel Visa for Indians

Visa Type Validity
German Airport Transit Visa 24 hours
Germany Schengen (Tourist) Visa 90 days out of a 180 days period
Germany Business Visa 90 days out of a 180 days period
Germany Student Applicant Visa 3 months (only if one didn’t receive a formal admission yet)
Germany Student Visa More than 3 months (depending on the study program)
Germany Job Seeker Visa 6 months
Germany Guest and Research Scientist Visa 3 to 6 months (might last longer depending on the research work)
Germany Freelancer Entry Visa 3 months
Germany Freelancer Long-Stay Visa 1 to 3 years
Germany Language Course Visa 3 months
Germany Temporary Work Permit 1 to 3 years (totally depends on the contract)
Germany Family Reunion Visa Initially 1 year
Germany EU Blue Card 4 years (with the possibility of extension)

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