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Turkey Visa Fee From UAE: Everything You Need To Know

Planning a trip from the UAE to Turkey? It’s crucial to know about the visa fees. The cost of a Turkey visa can change depending on what kind of visa you need and how long you plan to stay.This article will help you figure out how much your visa might cost. This way, you can plan your trip to Turkey without any surprises about the visa cost, if you’re going for a quick holiday or a longer business visit.”

What is the total cost of a Turkish visa for UAE residents?

Let’s discuss things in detail!

The total cost for a Turkish visa for residents of the UAE is AED 306. You need to pay the visa fee to the Turkish government. You also need to pay service fees to IVS global, the authorized visa application center in the UAE. The breakdown is:

  • Turkish Government Visa Fee: AED 63
  • IVS global Service Fee: AED 243

So together the total comes to AED 306 per visa application. You can pay the fee online by credit card or in cash at the IVS global application center.

What documents do I need to apply for a Turkey visa from the UAE? 

To apply for a Turkish visa, you need to provide your original passport, a printed application form, a passport photo, and supporting documents for your travel purpose. To support your application, you may need to provide hotel and flight bookings, bank statements, a letter of invitation (if visiting friends or family), and a letter from your employer (if traveling for business). Photocopies of the original documents are also required. All documents except passports need to be in English or Turkish.

How long is the Turkey visa valid for? 

A Turkey visa issued to residents of the UAE is typically valid for 90 days from the issue date. You are allowed to stay in Turkey for up to 60 days within that 90 day period before you would need to exit the country. You can apply for either a single entry or a multiple entry visa, depending on your travel plans. With a multiple entry visa you can leave and re-enter Turkey during the 90 day validity period.

What is the process for applying for the visa in the UAE? 

To apply for your Turkish visa, UAE residents must visit an IVSglobal visa application center in person. Centers are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and other cities. An online appointment should first be booked through IVSglobal’s website. At your appointment time you submit all required documents, get your biometrics taken, and pay the visa and service fees. Processing time is typically 3 business days after which you can collect your passport containing the issued visa.

How can I ensure my visa application is not rejected? 

To avoid rejection of your Turkey visa application, be sure to follow all document requirements closely, checking multiple times that you have a thoroughly complete application package. Use the document checklists provided on government websites and at the IVSglobal centers. Book your appointment well in advance of travel dates, at least two weeks ahead if possible. Financially support all claims related to the purpose of travel by including substantial bank statements, letters from employers, etc. Double check the validity dates of all aspects of your application before submitting.

By understanding the required documents, costs, processing time, and other components of obtaining a Turkey visa from within the UAE, you can prepare accordingly and submit a complete, truthful application that avoids common mistakes that can lead to rejection and delays. This helps everything go smoothly so you receive your approved visa on time.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, it’s clear that having a Turkish visa for people who live in the UAE is a simple process that needs close attention to detail. The AED 306 fee, which includes both the government fee and the service charge, is only a small part of planning your trip. Remember that a Turkish visa is good for 90 days and lets you stay for up to 60 days, so it can be used for both short and long stays. To make sure your application is accepted, you must carefully prepare each of the required documents and follow the instructions given by the Turkish government and IVS Global.


You can avoid common mistakes that cause your application to be turned down by making sure all of your documents are full and correct, scheduling your meeting ahead of time, and knowing how long the visa is good for. This in-depth knowledge not only speeds up the visa application process, but also makes sure you have a pleasant, relaxed trip to Turkey.

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