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UAE 3 Months Visit Visa Price: How To Apply, Requirements

UAE 3 Months Visit Visa Price

If you’re planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) soon, it’s essential to understand the 3 months visit visa UAE cost and how to apply for the right visa. This allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Our guide provides easy-to-understand information about the shorter tourist visas in the UAE, including various visa types, their fees, and the application process. We’ll also cover the processing times and offer tips for successful approval, helping you feel more confident about obtaining your UAE travel visa.

Types of UAE Tourist Visas:

The UAE has different tourist visas based on how long and how often you will visit.

30 Day Single Entry Tourist Visa:

This permits one-time entry to the UAE for tourism purposes for a maximum stay of 30 consecutive days from your arrival date. It is non-renewable and non-extendable. The current application fee is $100 per person.

90-Day Single Entry Tourist Visa:

You can enter the UAE once and stay for up to 90 days for tourism activities before leaving. It cannot be renewed or extended. The fee is currently set at $250 per applicant.

30 Day Many Entry Tourist Visa:

This grants you many entries to the UAE over the course of 30 calendar days as a tourist. You can enter and exit any number of times as long as no single visit exceeds 30 days. It cannot be extended, but another one can be applied for. The standard fee is $150 per person.

90-Day Many Entry Tourist Visa:

This offers ongoing entries to the UAE for tourism purposes for 90 calendar days from when you first enter the country. You must exit after 90 days, but you can come back on the same visa if it remains valid. It cannot be renewed or extended. The current cost is $350 per applicant.

Application Methods To Understand:

Today, there are three convenient ways short-term UAE tourist visas can be efficiently arranged:

Self-Application Online:

The ICA Smart Travel Service website and app offer tourists the ability to apply by creating an account, entering their biographic data, and uploading necessary supporting documents like passport pages, photos, hotel bookings, etc. Payments are processed online as well.

Visa Agency Assistance Specialized:

Visa agencies help gather all required paperwork, like confirmations, insurance, and flight tickets, on your behalf. They check for completeness, then submit the application package to immigration authorities for review and approval. They can also provide guidance on recent rule changes. There are usually service fees involved.

More Research:

Visa on Arrival Citizens of certain countries are entitled to get UAE tourist visas as soon as they arrive at major airports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. via dedicated kiosks. This waives pre-application requirements, but eligibility must be confirmed based on the home country.

Documents Need To Have:

To back up a UAE tourist visa application, certain key supporting documents must be provided, whether applying or via an agency:

  • Passport Copy: Must be valid for over 6 months, at least from the entry date, with available pages.
  • Passport Photo: High-resolution digital headshot taken within guidelines
  • You can use the confirmation of your hotel booking as proof of your entire stay. If you don’t have a hotel booking, you can use a letter from a family member or friend inviting you.
  • International Health Insurance: A certificate covering your full trip duration
  • Return Ticket Booking: Copy of flight confirmation entering and exiting the UAE
  • Bank Statements: Official monthly statements from the previous 3 months

Visa Processing Timelines:

After submitting a complete UAE tourist visa application, the current processing timelines are:

For routine applications, it takes 3–5 business days or more. If you want faster processing, you can choose the expedited option for an added fee. With the expedited option, it will only take 1 to 2 business days.

Factors impacting processing speed:

  • Nationality: increased screening for applicants from high-risk countries
  • Missing or incorrect documents delay applications requiring fixing.

Typical Approval Communication Methods:

  • Online Self-Service: Visa emailed upon completion
  • Agency Application: The agency contacts you when ready.
  • Visa on Arrival: Issued at a dedicated airport kiosk


Now you have all the important information to understand UAE tourist visa logistics. This includes how to apply, what documents you need, how long it takes to get approved, and some helpful tips for success. With this comprehensive guidance, you can enjoy mega malls, skyscrapers, desert safaris, and more with your visa.

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