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UAE: Demand for 3-month visit visas is increasing.

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UAE Demand for 3 month visit visas is increasing.
UAE Demand for 3 month visit visas is increasing.

Agents report that 20 applications for the three-month stay visa are submitted daily by travelers visiting the UAE.

During the pandemic, the three-month visa was eliminated, and a 60-day visa was added to cover the void. The three-month leisure visa was reinstated in May. Currently, there are three different single-entry visas available: 30, 60, and 90 days, according to Firoz Maliyakkal, the company’s founder and CEO.

The following groups of travelers that apply for the longer-term visa are stated by Pavan Poojari, a visa counselor at Luxury Travels: These include visitors who want to spend a lengthy holiday in the UAE, parents and kids of UAE citizens, their extended families, and tourists who want to travel across the nation before relocating there permanently.

Many families and travel professionals think a month or two is simply not long enough to really experience and live in the UAE. On the other hand, people who want to stay in the nation for a longer period of time are relieved by the availability of the 90-day leisure visa.

In Matthew’s case, who recently took his parents and other family members to Dubai for a three-month visit, this is what happened. “My parents spent a lot of time here and the memories of Dubai keep them coming back. They were discouraged because their prior visit was on a two-month visa. They are content to live here for the next two months, though,” Matthew remarked.

Uae: demand for 3-month visit visas is increasing.
Uae: demand for 3-month visit visas is increasing.

Jessy, who is visiting for three months, is excited to spend more time with her nephew. The vacation to the UAE is very beneficial for her because she has been dealing with the death of a family member. Her nephew responded, “We got her here for a change.


Experts claim that there are two groups covered by the three-month visas.

According to Firoz, a minimum wage of Dh6,000 to Dh8,000 is necessary. “One is a resident sponsoring immediate family members and friends by keeping a deposit of Dh1,000,” he added.

“Anyone can enter the second category through a travel agent who will serve as their sponsor. Only the passport copy and photographs are needed.


Visas in the first category cost about Dh800 and need a Dh1,000 refundable payment. Interested parties can submit an application via the official immigration portals. People can apply for the second category through their travel agency for a fee between Dh1,200 and Dh1,400, according to Firoz.

According to experts, those who find it extremely difficult to leave the country for a visa extension have benefited greatly from the 90-day visa.


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